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Beyond Product-Market Fit 🔨 & YCs Startup School becomes a continuous program 👋

Beyond Product-Market Fit 🔨 & YCs Startup School becomes a continuous program 👋
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #169 • View online
Good Saturday morning,
Product-Market Fit expansion and three other types of product work, Startup School to become a continuous program, heroes of CRM conference & HEY found its opponent. This is your weekly GrowthPulse.
Yesterday I read one of the best articles of 2020 (so far) since I’ve read Inspired by Marty Cagan. The article was about different product teams and their core product work. The masters over at Reforge wrote this together with a bunch of PMs that worked at Slack, Eventbrite, Pinterest, Hubspot, Instagram and TripAdvisor.
Beyond Product-Market Fit
The article showcases four types of product teams that in a combined effort can execute the overall product strategy. They distinguish feature work, growth work, scaling work and product-market fit expansion. The article explains how they differ from each other and how each role contributes to the overall strategy.
What makes the article stand out is how they showcase the importance of having diversified product teams, each with their own focus. How working in parallel enables for growth.
How team scaling can lay the foundation for team feature to build upon, so that team growth can direct users better and better to existing value. All while team PMF expansion tries to validate early on what other opportunities can be generated.
The counterintuitive thing is that the better your initial product-market fit is, the faster you grow, and the faster your customer base raises the bar of expectations. In other words, the slope of the PMF threshold line increases.
In line with the article it’s safe to say that the growth development team for which I’m the PO is totally focused on Product-Market Fit expansion. By having core focus on validating product and/or market expansion and diversifying our product range.
What else?
If you followed the news and opinions around Jason Fried’s new ESP HEY you surely can appreciate the effort that was put into creating BYE, check the link below 😉. The famous Y Combinator used to run the 6-week online program Startup School every 12 months, but recently decided year-round would make more sense. In Startup School you learn, adapt, grow and compete with other participants and winning startups can receive initial seed money from YC too.
  • Product Manager @ Plaid (NY)
  • Product Manager @ Klarna (Berlin)
Have a good weekend,
Gino 🤙🏽

BYE - Email at its worst, new from Thinko.
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Startup School Relaunching as Continuous Program
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Product Manager @ Plaid (NY)
Product Manager @ Klarna (Berlin)
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