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Attract qualified and diverse talent 🧲 & YC Startup Library 📚



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Attract qualified and diverse talent 🧲 & YC Startup Library 📚
By Gino from GrowthPulse • Issue #176 • View online
Gooood morning!
I found out that YC has a resource library, Homerun on how to attract qualified and diverse talent, my buddy Nacho talks to Moz+Sparktoro founder Rand Fishkin, follow a Makerpad (no-code) workshop, the GrowthHackers Conference and a job at Dutch fashion giant Daily Paper. This is your weekly GrowthPulse!
Y Combinator
If you’ve been subscribed to this newsletter then you probably know h0w much I like YC aka Y Combinator. From all the possible news outlets YC is the one that absorbs all of my interest. Of course there’s also A16Z, FirstRound, Openview and other outlets that share relevant articles and videos. But in my opinion there’s no one sharing more knowledge then YC. Despite my interest in YC, I only found out last week they have this startup library. So this is it. Now there’s no need for me to keep sending this weekly newsletter as you have access to all of it..
Jokes aside, you can bookmark the startup library for moments when you want some inspiration or are stuck. You can filter on everything from remote hiring and monetisation, to B2B sales, product/market fit and engineering.
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Our friends over at Homerun wrote a piece on how you can balance out gender-coded language, how you should talk to and not about your candidate and the anatomy of a job description. All to increase the odds of landing the right candidate for the job and work on your employer brand at the same time.
My buddy Nacho recently started his podcast Growth Pains and this one is different. Instead of talking about glorified wins in hindsight and how that one fail became the best decision ever, he’s having honest conversations with founders on the trenches of growing a company. The things that hurt, make you feel like 💩, you’re not good at and literally the reality of starting/growing a company. I highly recommend you take some time while commuting to your home office (read walking for an hour from your bedroom to your living room) to listen to this podcast.
And then there’s the (somewhat costly) GrowthHackers conference on the future of growth. Maybe you can find yourself a group of colleagues to watch this with from one computer whenever it airs. Into no code? Check out the recording of the webinar at Makerpad to learn how t0 identify a problem, built a solution and scale it.
  • Head of E-commerce @ Daily Paper (Amsterdam)
See you next week!
Gino 🤙🏽

YC Startup Library
How to write a job description that attracts qualified, diverse talent
Growth Pains - Episode 1: Rand Fishkin (Moz, SparkToro)
Makerpad Workshop: Zero to Sold with Arvid Kahl
GrowthHackers Conference 2020 on The Future of Growth
Jobs alert 🚨
Head of E-commerce @ Daily Paper (Amsterdam)
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