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Ginny Loveday - The Fox Den Roundup - Issue #4

Ginny Loveday
Ginny Loveday
A new year is here and I’m sure we’ve all got a lot to be thankful for this year, like being able to get together with friends to game! I’ve put together a summary of all the amazing projects I backed in 2021 and can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!
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January Virtual Events
DWBcon Winter 2022 | Dec 30- Jan 2nd
Virtual D&D Weekends - Jan 21-23rd -  Wizards of the Coast & Baldman Games
BSer Con 2022 - Jan 28-30th
Kickstarters I Backed in 2021
IRON KINGDOMS: REQUIEM *5e* by Privateer Press
Those Who Wander by Adam Hancock
Dungeon Alchemist™ by Wim De Hert
Coyote & Crow the Role Playing Game
Eldritch Sands - 5E Campaign Setting From Poison Potion Press
Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea by Steamforged Games — I CONTRIBUTED TO THIS ONE!
Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game by Magpie Games
Edible Gummy Minis for Tabletop Games by Crawlspaces & Critters — Kickstarter
Secrets of the Vibrant Isle by Nerdburger Games
Expedition from the Mysterious Peaks by Alligator Alley Entertainment — I CONTRIBUTED TO THIS ONE!
Shotguns & Sorcery for 5E by Matt Forbeck
Book of Ebon Tides: 5th Edition enters the Plane of Shadow! by Kobold Press
Adventures & Academia: First Class by Steamforged Games
Recent Guests from the Designer's Den
Episode 48: Gwen Marshall – 11/14/21
Gwen and Ginny chat about the Kickstarter for S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying for 5th Edition, her two time Ennie-winning Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5e and more!
A very special episode featuring just me! I looked through the unreleased Strixhaven D&D book with chat and covered some of the things I was most looking forward to!
Episode 50: Andrew Bishkinskyi (A TTRPG Creator Interview Show!) – 12/05/21
Andrew and Ginny chat about about choosing projects as a creator/freelancer. Including DMsGuild, Kickstarters, & other avenues.
Alexander (Director of Operations for Kobold Press) and Ginny chat about the newest release from Wizards of the Coast, the Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos book and his contributions to it—the NPCs and relationship system.
Ginny and Samuel Brach of Plothooks chat about their DMsGuild medal-winning product Disaster Hamsters, and their upcoming Kickstarter for Disaster Hamsters 2!
Christopher Robin and Ginny chat about what it’s like being a creator for other systems that aren’t D&D, working with the folks at Alligator Alley Entertainment, and more!
Industry Friend of the Month (December 2021)
Each month, I’ll be featuring a write-up from one person, talking about themselves and what they do. If you know someone who should be featured, shoot me an email to
Jonathon Connor Self (he/they)
Founder and President of D8 Summit Charities Incorporated (501c3), Connor is a vocal proponent for positivity, mental health, love, and inclusivity in gaming spaces. He has 30+ content creation titles under his belt, many for D&D Adventurers League but recently wider D&D titles such as The Red City and in an upcoming article about dark fey for Arcadia Magazine. Connor is also a top-rated Professional Dungeon Master on Start Playing Games, where his campaign offerings are highly sought (and often sold out). Connor is a subject matter expert on psychology, diversity, and folk tales. This fluency blends with his desire to foster healing and hope, merging into a “hope punk” style of rebellious storycrafting where heroes can make fictional worlds better in seemingly insignificant yet deeply profound ways.
Connor was born on the east side of Joliet, a Rust Belt city near Chicago. His experiences growing up taught him to value education and its power to help youth escape poverty. After several years living across the country and abroad, Connor returned to the cornfields of home to pursue his passion – helping children and families find health, learning, and hope as a mental health counselor in a Title I school. Connor volunteers for both his town’s public library board as well as on the board of his state counseling association
Connor’s gaming history stretches back to childhood. Connor has played tabletop roleplaying games since 1990, beginning with TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes but quickly moving to Dungeons & Dragons and World of Darkness. Connor administrates gaming experiences at public events across the Midwest, including: D8 Summity Charity Convention, Gamehole Con, Maydays Tenday Charity Convention, Gary Con, Who’s Yer Con, Jasper’s Game Day, Vote Pipyap, and many more. Connor prides himself in creating safe spaces for gamers – particularly marginalized groups – and is forever the “hugbear” at events he attends. He consulted with DM’s Guild to help make their content creation guidelines more inclusive of queer creatives, and he quietly consults with organizations looking to resolve conflict and promote mental health and inclusivity in their offerings.
Connor is happy to work with others on various creative projects and public events, including adding charity components to their events. Connor is also grateful for donations to  D8 Summit Charities.
More information about Connor can be found at his website,, and at He can be directly contacted at or on Twitter @thehealerdm.
Be kind, and don’t forget to take time for yourself.
Love from your friendly neighborhood fox.
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Ginny Loveday
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