Ginny Loveday - The Fox Den Roundup - Issue #2





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Ginny Loveday
Ginny Loveday
September is almost over and it’ll be Halloween before you know it! October starts off with a bang as we wrap up Origins (in-person or online) so I’m going to go ahead and drop some virtual events below. If you’ve got virtual events that you want highlighted for November, shoot me a Twitter message or an email and let me know!
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October Virtual Events
Save Against Fear - ONLINE - Oct 7-10th
PAX Aus - Online! Oct 8-10th
VIRTUAL Gamehole Con - Oct 21-24th
Upcoming or Recent Game Releases
Wanderhome – Possum Creek Games - Buy it NOW!
Playing Dead - by Steve Fidler of Vorpal Dice Press
Rashemen - Campaign Guide - from Joe Raso and team
Secrets of the Vibrant Isle by Craig Campbell — KS launches Oct 5th
Once More Into The Void by Jason Pitre — Kickstarter
Into the Mother Lands - An Original Afrofuturist TTRPG by Tanya DePass — Kickstarter
Recent Guests from the Designer's Den
Rich and I chatted about Esper Genesis and the amazing new rulebook that just released for it, The Master Technician’s Guide—which I had the pleasure of doing some editing for, which meant I got to see it first! Also chatted about all the amazing behind the scenes Rich does on layout and design for various other projects including the Expanse RPG (but not Star Trek, whoops!), and finally wrapped up with some exciting updates about the EG organized play campaign, Crucible Corps.
Matt and I chatted about his recent releases over on his website, Sealed Library, many of which featured inventive ways for players to help create the world around them as they are playing the game. Matt has also been venturing in interesting layout and color choices and plans to swap to being a full-time game designer in the near future. 
Episode 42: Beeba – 09/26/21
Bee and I will be chatting about the World of Wyldrvir, the totally free TTRPG that has been working in a combat-free and wholesome Saturday morning cartoon style of world with adorable art and simple roleplay-focused storytelling! Join us to chat and enter for a chance to win a copy of Wyldrvir OR a code for a DDB copy of the new D&D Book, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.
Casper & Martin hail from Denmark where they’re part of the AL Nordic groups as DMs, players, and now as creators with the release of their Dungeoncraft module, DC-PoA-CONMAR-10 Who Let the Kobolds Out?
Until next time, don’t forget to take time for yourself.
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Ginny Loveday
Ginny Loveday @ginnyloveday

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