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Gillmor Gang Newsletter

Gillmor Gang Newsletter

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Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #17

This argument over Web3 is really exciting. How does one call out either of the two main protagonists? Jack Dorsey has an unlimited hall pass now that he's free of Wall Street's hound dogging adult supervision of Twitter, and he's using it for some subtle pur…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #16

Well, it turns out the Beatles didn't get broken up by Yoko after all. But Peter Jackson may have gotten closer. His Get Back movie seemed to be so far over the top that even Beatlemaniacs like myself had had enough. But no. On this edition of the Gang, we st…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #15

Nowhere is the mess we're in more volatile than the media war on its rationale for economic survival. As broadcast television gives way to cable and now subscription television, the news networks are caught in a market crash. Trump's loss in the election and …


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #15

No matter how much I rationalize the new iPhone, I always feel like I’m not fooling anyone. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Probably. Do I have a plan for how to justify it to my family without triggering a new round of upgrades? There’s where my sales pitch …


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #13

When we imagine what it will be like when we exit the pandemic, what we're really wondering is what we want from the digital transformation we've seen overturn our understanding of work and living safely. As much as we long for the days of the office and coll…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Issue #16

On this edition of the Gillmor Gang, Brent Leary shows off his new wireless adaptor for his live streaming studio. The result is a captivating view of his console as he switches between closeups and incoming feed from the rest of the Gang, all captured in a w…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #11

As the pandemic dwindled enough to get in our car with dogs, SiriusXM, and our children in the rear view mirror, we drove to South Carolina. Tina had endured the last year and almost another half while her mother languished with aging pets, her husband in a f…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #10

The Gang spends a lot of time these days on the streaming wars, so it seems appropriate that Congress wants to get into it. With Netflix's success at overturning the structure of Hollywood's broadcast television production and advertising processes, consumers…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #9

1971 is the name of the year and an Apple TV+ documentary series billed as The Year That Music Changed Everything. It's also the number of hours the former President kept up his blog From the Desk Of. No, that's not true. But it is satisfactual. The thesis of…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #8

For the past several months or so, I've been writing an accompanying post to editions of the Gillmor Gang. Due to production issues, I'm usually at least a week behind the recording session for the target show. This originally seemed like an impediment to the…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #7

Clubhouse hosted another excellent conversation between Josh Constine and Facebook's audio czar Fidji Simo. The format continues to sparkle, as I was once again forced to choose between MSNBC's Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O'Donnell and just plain audio. JPA won…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #6

The current rave about newsletters and so-called or social audio is just the latest version of the story of podcasting. Take the idea that podcasting is experiencing a new wave of popularity and scaffolding. Are you sure? Apple is bent on turning the space in…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #5

You may ask yourself, say the Talking Heads. What is this thing working from anywhere? Or as Google says, work from right here in the office. As the vaccines roll on out, some of us are just not ready for returning to normal. On this edition of the Gillmor Ga…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #4

I use Feedly to work my way through each day's stream of politics, tech, and media stories. Today, I am greeted with a picture of something called Feedly Cloud and the following message:Scheduled Maintenance Feedly will be back in less than 30 minutes.60 minu…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #3

The other day, I attended a celebration of one of the pioneers of collaboration technology, Ray Ozzie. The father of Lotus Notes, Ozzie left Lotus and his startup firm Iris after a hostile takeover by IBM, and eventually joined Microsoft when that company acq…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #2

The business model for newsletters revolves around moving an author out of an existing publication and into a self-sustaining subscription revenue stream. Such an enterprise seems to justify the startup models of the two leaders, Substack and the Twitter acqu…


Gillmor Gang Newsletter - Revue #1

We've been using Substack's platform for some time, but the action these days is bubbling with newsletter startups from Twitter, Facebook, Forbes, and probably every other platform behind the scenes. The newsletterati has weighed in with analysis and position…