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OverTime Leadership: When Hiring Goes Wrong 😖

Good day 👩‍💻 After sitting down with Sally De Rosa featured in last week's podcast, I couldn't stop t
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OverTime Leadership: When Hiring Goes Wrong 😖
By Gillian Davis • Issue #8 • View online
Good day 👩‍💻
After sitting down with Sally De Rosa featured in last week’s podcast, I couldn’t stop thinking about hiring. In the work that I do I am surrounded by managers that all need to hire, a lot. The biggest lever to their growth is having the right resource in place, and often projects and due dates are stalled due to lack of resource. What a lot of managers, new and old, often don’t appreciate is the length of time that is required to hire well and the cost of hiring badly.  
Read our latest write up where we go through the key stages to the hiring process and what tends to go wrong within them. I often can’t get over how little training is available or provided to those responsible for hiring. It is almost like an assumption that if you’ve made it ‘this far’ then you will be able to make great hires. Unfortunately, and I am sure many of you can relate to this, that is often not the case. 
Bad hires are extremely common and worst, their onboarding is poorly managed and are not performance managed out fast enough. This leads to not only a lot of costs that pile up (severance packages, etc), but more importantly a lot of time lost. Sure, you can make the money back, but you cannot take your time back. This includes the time you put towards the process from the start, the stagnation of your teams delivery while you are looking for the right person, the time you lost and lost for others during the interview process, the time and energy you put towards bringing the bad hire onboard and training them to discover that they aren’t the right fit. 
It’s an extensive and depressing list which is why I think most people don’t take action when they realise they have made the wrong hire. The thought of the investment already put in and the effort to go back to  start is not worth taking action now. Well, I’m here to tell you; IT IS! 
Don’t get yourself in that position by planning ahead, invest in learning hiring best practices (see here) and make building your team your number one priority! 
Until next week.
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