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OverTime Leadership: Taking Charge of Your Leadership

Good day 👩‍💻 It's been a great week for myself and the team as we are working on some big future plan
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OverTime Leadership: Taking Charge of Your Leadership
By Gillian Davis • Issue #10 • View online
Good day 👩‍💻
It’s been a great week for myself and the team as we are working on some big future plans that we will roll out over the course of the next few months. You can expect some slight changes to be coming but all for the greater good! Excited to share with you what we are up to when the time comes. 
For now, we are talking about how to level-up your leadership when you suddenly have that moment where you realise you’re in charge. You know, when your team is looking up to you for answers and your manager is looking at you to step-up. An uneasy feeling but one that can be managed if you’re ready for it. 
Read up on how you can make that transition (includes some great #ProTips) so you don’t lose confidence in yourself.
Have a great week, 
Gillian 🤘

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The skills needed for running workshops are completely aligned with the skills needed to lead. As an outcome of most workshops is to collect and align many ideas into one, it’s a great way for managers to work with their teams instead of using traditional meetings.
10 tips for effective workshops - Bracket
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Short, sweet, but impactful. LOVED this story recounted by Dropbox’s CEO in the early days where he learned the impact of not practicing what you preach. 
How Dropbox's CEO Learned an Embarrassing Lesson on Leadership [VIDEO] |
TEDxLincoln - Jay Wilkinson - Company Culture - YouTube
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Not going to lie but pretty envious of Richard’s intro music (note to self: get cool intro music). In this podcast Richard talks about the importance of confidence. I, like Richard, have seen how most clients that come to me have confidence issues (myself included) and many don’t appreciate that building and keeping confidence is an ongoing journey. 
Confidence Is The Cornerstone of Leadership | Dose of Leadership
Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman - Netflix's Reed Hastings in Culture Shock | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand
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If you’re in London tomorrow (July 20th) I would recommend joining the waitlist to see Anthony Burrill at Creative Mornings. I’m away most Thursdays so always miss these but they are always a great event.  
Anthony Burrill | CreativeMornings/London
That’s it for this week. I’ll leave you with some wise words from Anthony Burrill. 
Anthony Burril
Anthony Burril
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