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OverTime Leadership: 🚀 Scaling Teams | Culture | Succession Planning

Hey there 👩‍💻, Today's podcast episode is all about people and culture, two of my favourite topics! I
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OverTime Leadership: 🚀 Scaling Teams | Culture | Succession Planning
By Gillian Davis • Issue #7 • View online
Hey there 👩‍💻,
Today’s podcast episode is all about people and culture, two of my favourite topics! I sat down with Sally De Rosa, Human Resource Business Partner at Diabsolut and Founder of HRWize, an HR tech platform for growing SME’s. Sally and I bet a few years back and immediately hit it off over our shared passion for HR strategy. 

In our chat Sally shares her experience of taking Diabsolut from 10 people to a 100 over the past 7 years. Diabsolut has been able to maintain their culture through that growth which Sally attributes to her CEO that ‘gets it’. Sally has been able to build her team up over the years and together have been able to 'scale culture’ through adapting to the changing environment. She puts it perfectly when she says that the biggest impact on scaling culture is RESPECT for one another. Love that 👌
We spend some time talking about how to hire for culture fit. Sally’s tips are:
1) Have a clear 'North Star’ or vision that guides everyone in the company, regardless of role, seniority, experience.
2) Develop a set of Values that enables that Vision to come to fruition.
3) Ensure those Values are embedded into the interview process. Get creative by asking 'out of the box’ questions that allow people’s true passions and personality to come to life. It shouldn’t just be about skill set and role based.
Finding the right people that add to your existing culture is invaluable, they can take the team and business to the next level. However, hiring the wrong people can not only set you back but be extremely expensive (especially depending on what country you are based in). Take the time to hire right the first time. This may mean for some managers that you have to read up on hiring practices or even take some training. As a manager, you are ultimately responsible for your teams performance so being able to hire should be one of your top priorities.
What have you found has helped you the most in hiring great people? Let us know about it!
Until next week.
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