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OverTime Leadership: Rob Alderson, VP Content Wetransfer

Helping leaders inspire and enable their teams. Author: First Time Leader Reac
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OverTime Leadership: Rob Alderson, VP Content Wetransfer
By Gillian Davis • Issue #4 • View online
Helping leaders inspire and enable their teams. Author: First Time Leader Reach out @gilliandavis07

It was a pleasure to share with you our first podcast episode of OverTime, where we hear from experienced managers about how they have navigated management, with the aim to inspire first time leaders out there. I hope you found it interesting and relevant.
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In this episode we sat down with Rob Alderson, VP Content at Wetransfer. We covered a lot of ground but some of the key themes that emerged from our chat were;
1) Middle Management
We spend a lot of time discussing the perils and pros of being a middle manager. I’ve written more about this here.
2) Millennial Mindset
Many of Rob’s team have not worked elsewhere or have a lot of experience. This commonly can lead to misaligned expectations or lack of understanding without context. I know many new leaders struggle with this as the next generation's’ mindset can challenge the more traditional approach. Those that don’t survive are the ones that are stuck in their ways. Just like products and services, companies and managers need to innovate their approaches to how they work in order to stay relevant to their employees. Dismissing new ideas and ways of working can be damaging to morale. Come with an open mind and make sure you find what works for you. BUT Don’t copy what others have done
3) Healthy Cynicism to Management Books
Rob has a healthy degree of cynicism towards purely management focused books and prefers to get inspiration from examples in leadership from other contexts. I shared with Rob’s leadership team an article on leadership based on how the ‘All Blacks’ rugby team approach team values and roles. It is definitely worth a read, you are sure to get something out of it regardless of experienced you are.
4) Authentic Leadership
In closing, Rob discussed remaining authentic and true to who you are. Just because you may appreciate a style or approach in others does not mean it will work for you. New managers should really reflect on what kind of leader they want to be and ensure it works within their own personal style. I loved Rob’s reference to Joey from Friends. Joey falls in love with a Porsche he doesn’t own, but really likes the idea of being a Porsche driver. He gets all the gear until one day the Porsche is gone.
For me personally, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to Rob and his approach to challenges that all managers face at some point.
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The ‘must read’ Rob refers to in the podcast by the New York Times.
Journalism That Stands Apart - The New York Times
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‘building a slideshow presentation at home at night for work because i’m all about that middle management lifestyle’
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