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OverTime Leadership: Moving on with your goals

"Beginnings are born out of endings"   Hello again.  I haven't gone anywhere. Since my last newslette
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OverTime Leadership: Moving on with your goals
By Gillian Davis • Issue #3 • View online
“Beginnings are born out of endings”  

Hello again. 
I haven’t gone anywhere. Since my last newsletter I got a phone call that changed my life. For those of you that don’t know my story, I’ve been working full time at a lovely digital product studio called ustwo, helping them to establish frameworks around people and culture. As my passion is leadership development, I have been building my business on the side, doing workshops in the evening, coaching in the morning and speaking on the weekends. 
I started this business in January 2013 and the phone call I got in August made all the late nights and early mornings worth it. That phone call was ‘the call’ from a potential client saying 'yes’ to working with me. From that moment onwards, everything in my life has been in transition; 
- From Employee to a sole business director 
- Having a Manager to reporting to a Client 
- Being a Manager to being an expert
- Full time in London to part time in Amsterdam (where they are based) 
- Set working hours to managing my own 
- Supporting an Agency to supporting a Product company 
- Having a Salary to charging Fees
And the list goes on. 
It felt like, as Will Smith famously said in his portrayal of the Fresh Prince in 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air’;
 'my life got flipped, turned upside down’
I knew it was going to be a transition but had not appreciated the impact that transition would have on me. Despite it being a huge and demanding adjustment, my energy has never been higher, I feel buzzed, and don’t actually find the weekly commute to Amsterdam as draining as expected (probably due to the fact the team I am working with is so ace ♠️). 
I am scheduling in time over the holidays to stop and ensure I really let all this change really soak in so that I feel in control (as much as I can be). Transitions can take over without you knowing it, this can be anything from a new role, a new partner, new city, new team, even a new phone - every time we change up a routine our bodies and minds are learning how to adapt and this takes energy. Take the time to let it sink in and don’t get caught off guard. 
Now that I am 100% my own business, and I fully intend on building First Time Leader into a business (vs. an solo consultant), I am planning on getting these newsletters to you on a regular basis. I am learning so much as I go and looking forward to sharing insights and tools with you. 
Gotta practice what you preach, eh?
Although a big part of my life has come to an end, it feels like I have just started a new chapter, and a big chapter at that. I’m a mix of nerves, excitement, fear and ambition for what is to come. 

For today’s newsletter this is all I will share as part of the set up for those to come. I’ve added in some links and resources that I have found really interesting in the context of leadership. 

Extras 🔓
Love the approach Ben Casnocha uses in this book. It’s not about starting a business but how to bring entrepreneurial mindset into your career.  I bought this book when I saw him speak at an HR conference in 2012 and it’s still relevant. 
The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career: Ben Casnocha, Reid Hoffman: 9781847940803: Books
Sheryl Sandberg sits down with Susan Cain to discuss introversion and leadership. 
Sheryl Sandberg - Many people think you have to be an... | Facebook
Spotify created a lot of buzz around the model they implemented to manage their teams. I have heard this phrase “Let’s do it this way because I heard it’s working at Spotify…” 🙃 
It works for Spotify because it was designed for Spotify. Take the time to understand your organisation, invest in the people and resources needed to design an operating system for YOUR company. 
Don't Copy the Spotify Model
Upcoming Events 📢
Save the date 🗓 I’m teaching Essentials of Leadership in February.
Leadership: Essential Skills Needed to Run a Team | General Assembly
Tweet of the Week 🐥
Final Thoughts 🤔
Some of my takeaways over the last few months of this transition:
1) Never give up on your dream.
2) Hard work, belief and hustle always pays off.
3) There is a gap in the market for practical bags (aka briefcases) for working women which I intend to close one day. 
4) Journalling can feel like the equivalent of coaching yourself. Try it.
5) You are better than you think.
6) Taking a screenshot of your boarding pass on your phone and setting it as your wallpaper can really save some time. 
7) The bathrooms in city airport are completely in-practical for anyone traveling with a rolling suitcase of any size. 
8) ALWAYS take time for yourself, before time takes over you.
9) Your mindset will trump all. 
10) Get a good accountant.
Have a great December. 
G ❄️
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