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OverTime Leadership: 📈 Level-Up Your Management w Nafisa Bakkar, CEO

Good day 👩‍💻, Hope you're enjoying these hot 🔥 and sunny ☀️ summer dayz 😎.  I've just returned from h
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OverTime Leadership: 📈 Level-Up Your Management w Nafisa Bakkar, CEO
By Gillian Davis • Issue #9 • View online
Good day 👩‍💻,
Hope you’re enjoying these hot 🔥 and sunny ☀️ summer dayz 😎.  I’ve just returned from holiday and slowly bringing my brain back to ‘work’ mode. Was able to use the time away to really reflect on what I am doing with OverTime/First Time Leader and have come back with clarity and purpose. Cannot stress the value some 'quiet’ time can have on you and your goals. Anyways, enough about me and on to today’s podcast! 
Listen-in on my conversation with Nafisa Bakkar, CEO at, a platform dedicated to representing Muslim women. Led by a passion to empower individuals through their identity, their work seeks to surface the many different voices and experiences within the muslim women community. It’s never been more important for Muslim women to be heard; with over 80 contributors, named by Forbes as one to watch and featured in CNN, Metro and WIRED Amaliah are rapidly becoming the place that represents Women in Generation M.

Why we started Amaliah. - YouTube
Nafisa shares her experiences in becoming an instant manager through her start-up experience. Nafisa shares her story starting with her realisation after raising her seed round that she now had to lead the ship and level up in her management role. A hard but essential for any professional to make. Often it can catch us off guard, we go through the motions and wake up and realise that a lot of people are looking at us for guidance and answers. This is usually when the famous imposter syndrome kicks in and we want to suddenly retreat under the covers. Remember that you are in the position you are in because people around you believe in you. Wether you’ve been hired into a management role or running a start-up you are there because you CAN. Nafisa’s version of levelling up was to learn fast and she did that be seeking out mentorship and advice from those around her. She was in a fortunate position to be around the ustwo crew who are always willing to have a coffee and give some wisdom, however, you may be surprised at who you have around you. Seeking out mentorship from Day 1 of my career has significantly helped me ‘up’ my game.
One of the most impactful books of my career was the Power of Who, written by Bob Beaudine. I read this book at the age of 25 when I had started my first ‘professional’ job at Avon Canada. Bob writes about the power of your inner network, people that care about you and are keen to see you grow and succeed. It’s all about quality over quantity in Bob’s eyes (I agree) however you have to work at identifying who those people are. I never thought about my ‘network’ at that age but Bob’s book inspired me to reach out to a professor that had had a huge impact on me. I reached out to him and we went for coffee, 8 years later and Brent (‘Hi Brent! 👋’) is still a very important mentor to me. We have worked together, partnered together, used up a lot of Skype time and most importantly learned a lot from each other. 
I am a huge advocate for mentorship of any kind. This doesn’t have to be ‘official’ it can be a simple email, a coffee or a long time relationship. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if you want to accelerate your learning reach out to your close network and start cultivating and building those relationships. Don’t let yourself hold you back.
Until next week.
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