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OverTime Leadership: Are you their Friend or Manager?

Friendships.  Read our latest post; 'Striking the Balance Between Manager and Friend' Friendships are
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OverTime Leadership: Are you their Friend or Manager?
By Gillian Davis • Issue #6 • View online
Friendships are a beautiful thing and when you make friends at work, it can make a huge impact in your level of satisfaction at your job. The benefits of having that friend you can go for a walk with when you want to rant, a lunch buddy, or your sidekick for awkward work related events, can add that needed spring to your step. They totally 'get’ your work reality more than anyone else because they interact with the same characters and play on the same stage as you do. But what happens when one of you gets the promotion? When one of you is now leading the team you both shared? It can completely change the story and becomes a new reality.  They can’t rant with you, they can be seen to have 'favourites’, you can’t slag off your boss anymore because they are the boss, and they are responsible for your success in your role 🙃
This came up in our latest podcast and we thought this was such a relevant point that we wrote about it. Too often managers are not set up for success and therefore do not take the necessary time think about the transitions they will have to make when they are promoted.  We were inspired by a mantra Ross Allmark shared with us in last weeks podcast that helped him with that transition.
If you are finding yourself in between the role of friend and manager, we urge you to take the time to think about what kind of manager you want to be over what kind of friend you want to be. Make sure you don’t isolate yourself by being open with your team and your friend(s) and make it a mutual goal instead of your whole responsibility. 
You can be a great boss whilst maintaining long lasting friendships, just be intentional with your decisions and actions. 
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