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👩‍💻 OverTime Leadership : A Managers Guide to Facilitation

Time to put an end to bad meetings through good facilitation.
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👩‍💻 OverTime Leadership : A Managers Guide to Facilitation
By Gillian Davis • Issue #13 • View online
Time to put an end to bad meetings through good facilitation.

I was introduced to the art of facilitation through my time at ustwo in London. As a digital product studio they put a lot of energy into 1) team dynamics and 2) user-centered design. Both require capturing and taking in a lot of peoples’ ideas and synthesising them into actionable actions. I found that by using facilitation to run my meetings, especially those with large change initiatives, it enabled me to produce more buy in and collaboration. Many have the misconception that facilitation is only used for company ‘away days’ or ‘offsites’, but I believe that facilitation plays, and will continue to play, an essential role in a manager’s toolkit. 
In today’s podcast I chat to Alison Coward, founder of Bracket where she helps facilitate and train creative teams into producing great work.Done well it not only ensures inclusion by getting a balanced input from everyone in the room (instead of just the dominant voices). By creating the space for everyone to contribute you are able bring ideas to the surface that may not have the chance in more traditional meeting settings. The other massive benefit of facilitation is that it promotes team alignment by having consistent output from all players.
Be sure to check out Alison’s practical content below (especially her Mind The Product talk). 👇
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Read 👓
Check out Alison’s downloadable book. If you’ve ever had to sit through a bad team or client meeting hoping for a better way, this guide to running effective workshops is for you. 
Watch 🎥
As the founder of Bracket Creative, Alison spends her working life advising creative teams on how they can collaborate better.  This is a must watch for all Product Teams. 
Listen 🎧
Found this gold mind of a podcast series where today’s guest Alison breaks down all the needs to know about running an effective workshop. Fave quote ‘When a facilitator is doing a good job, people won’t notice they are there’ -  Just like a good wedding photographer. 
Try 👩‍🎓
As Alison mentions one of her fave exercise is a SWOT. Mine as well, it is super basic but really effective. You can easily run this with your team. If you have enough people split the group into 4 teams and get each team to brainstorm a section. Share with the group and rotate so that each team can provide input. I then get teams to synthesize what they have up on the wall and get down to 3 in each section (use simple voting tactics like sticker or dot voting). It is amazing to see how many ideas, misalignment, and thought provoking discussions will come out of four quadrants.  
Reclaim your time by running meetings more effectively through facilitation. Get the voices from everyone in your team by turning meetings on their head. Be sure to define your outcomes, grab some post-its and get everyone to participate. 
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