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Lead Great Meetings 👩‍💻

"When meetings are the norm - the first resort, the go-to tool to discuss, debate, and solve every pr
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Lead Great Meetings 👩‍💻
By Gillian Davis • Issue #21 • View online
“When meetings are the norm - the first resort, the go-to tool to discuss, debate, and solve every problem - they no longer work.” - Jason Fried

Can you relate to any of these common situations?
❓ You find you spend your day going from meeting to meeting?
❓ Your diary gets filled up with meetings and you don’t even know what they are for or why you’re invited?
❓ You sit in meetings without any clear accountability our outcomes?
❓ Over 50% of your time at work is spent in a meeting?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you have to listen to my podcast with Kirsty Lewis, Director School of Facilitation. 
In this week’s podcast Kirsty shares with us her 5 top tips on how to run an effective meeting! 
1) Preparation
2) Time
3) Environment
4) You
5) Activities
Kirsty is a passionate and motivated person who loves to enable others to create a change within themselves or their businesses. She applies 10 years of expertise in coaching and facilitating across global markets and teams. When not in meeting rooms facilitating change, she can be found working as part of a team racing boats across the Atlantic or in the Caribbean and Europe or up a mountain skiing.
I constantly hear complaints that as managers we spend too much time in bad meetings and yet many of us don’t actually make these easy changes to make our meetings better #leadbyexample
I hope that these tips inspire you to take action and start making the changes you want to see within your teams!
✅ Kirsty references the great work by Pam Hamilton in her book 'Workshop Cookbook’ which is filled with templates, tools and insight. 
✅ Meetings. They’re boring. They’re useless. Everyone hates them. So why can’t we stop having meetings? The NYT explores how even though we have started to evolve how we work, we can’t seem to drop our love hate relationship with meetings!
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Next Podcast Episode Runs: November 7th
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A well managed check-in/out moment in meetings can be a real game changer for meeting culture. Checking-in/out invites each member in a group to be present, seen and heard, and to express a reflection or a feeling. Checking-in emphasises presence, focus and group commitment; checking-out emphasises reflection and symbolic closure. 
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Every Meeting Ever 😂
Every Meeting Ever 😂
If this newsletter helps you or anyone else spend less time in bad meetings then I’ve done my job! 
Big thank you to Kirsty for her insight!  
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