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[How To] Unlearn to Relearn; Onboarding Senior Hires

“The importance of onboarding is significantly increased these days since the average turnover at wor
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[How To] Unlearn to Relearn; Onboarding Senior Hires
By Gillian Davis • Issue #33 • View online
“The importance of onboarding is significantly increased these days since the average turnover at work is less than four years and lifetime employment strategies are out of date.” - Reid Hoffman

[Call Out] If you have faced any Senior Hire challenges, I’d love to hear them and I will add my tips on how to avoid them in the posts to follow. 
I first learned the importance of proper onboarding from my 'First Time Leader’ (Wiley 2014) co-author George Bradt. George’s company helps newly hired Executive transition into their roles to reduce failure. We first met in 2010 and to this day I feel that onboarding is not a big enough part of the 'talent’ conversation. From what I have seen, the level of onboarding will make or break the chance of the new employee’s success. 
Too often the focus is on the hiring process, all energy is put towards getting them in, and once we make the offer, we breathe a sigh of relief and move on to other priorities. The new candidate starts and we haven’t really spent the time thinking about what success looks like, where do you want them to focus in the first 90 days, detailing your team’s operating standards, (the list goes on). 
Onboarding is important for all hires but couldn’t be more imperative for senior hires. Senior hires will have a significant impact on how the organizations run and if they are set up with the right information and focus, they can significantly impede operational progress.  Trust me, I’ve seen it. 
So take the time to set your senior hires up for success by focusing on their first 90 days. 

This week's Leadership Playlist 🤔
🔸 Our friends at NOBL have just launched the decision-making tool ‘How We Decide’. I have yet had a chance to play around with it but love that it forces you to ask yourself 'Is this decision urgent?’. That alone can quickly snap you back to what really matters! 
🔸 A straightforward tool to get your team to form their own set of Values or Operating Principles. Love the addition of also adding stakeholder values and comparing the two. Always recommend this exercise to my corporate clients who are operating within large structures.
Podcast 🔊
Georg Fasching | Team Dynamics
Attend 👩‍🎓
Leadership: Essential Skills Needed to Run a Team | General Assembly
If you or your team have recently struggled in hiring the right people OverTime Leader runs a ‘Hiring + Firing Workshop’ that can help you mitigate making bad hires.
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