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[How To] Manage The Final Four

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be" - Sonia Ricotti
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[How To] Manage The Final Four
By Gillian Davis • Issue #41 • View online
Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be" - Sonia Ricotti

This year has whizzed by and I don’t want to induce panic but there are now just four weeks until the holidays 😱 
The end of the year always becomes a strange period of time - you may relate to some of these common ‘end of year side’ effects such as the manic period of year-end reviews 😣, 2020 planning 🤷‍♀️and budgeting 🤯 .
Your high-octane “last mile” energy is wearing thin and your resilience is low, it becomes tempting to start and throw things into next year rather than deal with them now. We feel frustrated, unclear on what we have achieved this year and start questioning if we are even in the right role, the thought of looking for new jobs in the new year starts to sound really appealing - because - next year will be different
Let’s be real, it’s unlikely that next year is going to be all that different unless you really commit to making some big changes (which I’ll be talking about in January) so avoid falling into the December trap by:
  1. Slowing down. Be deliberate in your actions and decisions. Don’t rush or make choices that you may regret when you come back refreshed in January
  2. Stay present. Make sure you have effective end of year conversations by giving your team your full attention. 
  3. Ruthless with time. The new year gives us a sense of a false cliff. January is just another month that follows December - life goes on, nothing will radically be *that* different. 
  4. Get some sleep. Don’t burn out in these last four weeks so that you spend your holidays sick or sleeping. They are there for you to recharge you not to recover.
So, take a few big breaths. Prioritise. Identify what it is that you have to do well in the next four weeks. Then get it done at it in a pace that won’t burn you out.  
If you, or have someone in your team, that are looking for an extra end of year boost that can help you with some the problems I’ve explained above, we are running two half-day masterclasses in December where cover things like; having difficult conversations, finding the management style, the coach approach and managing change.
💂‍♂️London - Dec 18
🚲Amsterdam - Dec 4
Take it day by day. 
G 🤟
November Leadership Playlist 🧐
Some end of year inspiration -
  • If there is ever a time of year where empathy is a leadership must it is now. End of year conversations require exceptional listening skills - however is you’re in ‘pacesetting’ mode, it’s likely that your EQ will be very low. Here are some approaches to ensure you keep your 'just get it done’ energy at bay.
  • I’m not one for promoting making big changes during one of the most intense periods of the year but it may be an idea to structure your days more diligently in order to stay more focused. Cal Newport, author of “Deep Work” shares some really simple tips that will help you stay on track.
  • Basically, this is a reminder to make sure you are not rewarding behaviours that are out of line with your team’s culture. Read how Atlasssian ditched its “Brilliant Jerks” performance system that was out of date so that they stopped rewarding high-performers that made it a nightmare for everyone around them 💪
  • Most traditional performance review systems are out of date, reinforce our bias, and need a re-haul. Under-prepared managers spend the majority of the time talking over their nerves. Don’t be that manager. Regardless of what your process is, you can control the experience of the in-person conversation.
Final thoughts: Please take time for yourself to recharge, reflect and rebuild.
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