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[How To] Hire People More Experienced Than You

“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curioisty.”  - Richard
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[How To] Hire People More Experienced Than You
By Gillian Davis • Issue #32 • View online
“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curioisty.”  - Richard Branson

Last week I shared with you our interview with Will Hudson, c0-founder of It’s Nice That. One of the topics that Will and I discussed were the lessons learned in the process of hiring senior talent into your team for the first time. What Will shared was a familiar story that I have heard about and witnessed many times over, so it prompted me to write about it. 
What started as an easy-to-read post, quickly became a three-thousand-word guidebook, so I decided to break it into a 3-part-series aptly named; ‘Making the Most of Your Senior Hires’. 
Part 2 will focus on How To Onboard Them and Part 3 on How To Develop Them. 
[Call Out] If you have faced any Senior Hire challenges, I’d love to hear them and I will add my tips on how to avoid them in the posts to follow. 
Anyone that has worked with me knows how much value I place on a good hiring process (it helps that I have an Executive Recruitment background and my family’s business specialised in headhunting senior engineering talent). Great hiring sets the foundations for successful talent making an amazing impact on a business. If you don’t get the hiring stage right, it’s highly unlikely you will ever be happy with that person’s performance. 
As Senior hires have such a huge influence on the business, it is IMPERATIVE for you, as their future manager, to engage in the hiring process. Clear your diary, take your time, and be rigorous in your assessment. 
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🔸 CEO of Ometria, Ivan Mazour, shares his user guide as CEO. Reminded me of this ’User Manual to Working with Me’ by Brad Feld. This is an approach I encourage all managers to adopt in some form. You know yourself better than your team, so save them time by highlighting your quirks, communication preferences,  what annoys you and what you value by sharing it upfront instead of waiting for them to figure it out on their own. 
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