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[How To] Adapt Your Message to Get What You Want

“When you are more focused on getting your message across than worrying about how people are viewing
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[How To] Adapt Your Message to Get What You Want
By Gillian Davis • Issue #35 • View online
“When you are more focused on getting your message across than worrying about how people are viewing you, that’s huge.” - Susan Cain

Hello! Hope you have had a nice week. Don’t want to jinx it but feels like winter is finally over itself and the sun is here to stay.
Today I want to talk about key messages! In most of our working lives, there are constant activities, deadlines, plans, ideas, meetings, which means your message can quickly get lost in the noise. So how do you ensure you get to say what you want to say so that it lands properly? 
Well, one of the biggest realizations for me as a manager was the power of communication and the relationship it has with self-awareness. This might sound really obvious but it took me a while to connect the dots. I believe that self-awareness is the anchor to sustainable leadership. When you know yourself (and accept that there will always be blind spots) you are able to recognize and address necessary changes in your communication that will enable your team, business, and goals. 
The two most powerful lessons on this for me were;
  1. You have a unique approach to communication that has been shaped largely by your environment, and because of this;
  2. Your message won’t always land in the way you intended because each person will filter the message based on their own unique lens.
This means for managers that it is not only important to do the digging into what your personal communication style but more importantly have the ability to start to recognize others. This enables you to adapt your message to the ‘communication language’ of the intended receiver.
I spoke about how to do this in the latest podcast and share the following four approaches when you need something from someone (boss, team, client). 
  1. Be clear on the desired outcome 
  2. Think of the receiver 
  3. Adapt to their communication style 
  4. Follow-up 
Have a listen to put this in practice next time you need a key message to land:  
Adapt Your Message To Get What You Want
This week's Leadership Playlist 🤔
🔸Netflix has re-designed it’s board meetings and they have made sure it emphasizes their culture of individual initiative, the sharing of information, and a focus on results rather than processes
🔸 If you haven’t seen ‘This is America’ I urge you to watch it and consider how Childish Gambino uses visual messages to land a very key message. 
🔸 Reduce any tensions there may be within your team by facing them head-on and creating the right environment for people to do their best work. Great podcast and summary by First Round.
🔸 aZ16 Podcast on the relationship between building software, DevOps, and organizational culture. FASCINATING - this is my kind of jam! 
🔸I’ll go into storytelling in more depth at a later date but couldn’t talk about communication without making a reference. It’s a bit #buzzword but would hate for that to erode’s its importance in leadership. For now, I loved this piece on this amazing review of how storytelling was used in BBC’s Planet Earth! Enjoy.
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