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How Busy Are You? 👩‍💻

“Motivation is the spark that lights the fire of knowledge and fuels the engine of accomplishment. It
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How Busy Are You? 👩‍💻
By Gillian Davis • Issue #16 • View online
“Motivation is the spark that lights the fire of knowledge and fuels the engine of accomplishment. It maximizes and maintains momentum” – Zig Ziglar

This week I thought that it would be worth exploring how we approach our work. As we move past 2017’s half way mark, I am sure many of us are starting to look towards the end of the year and identifying what we need to get done as well as looking back to see what we have (or have not) achieved.
Time can fly by when working in fast-paced, ever changing environments and even the best laid plans can derail due to unforeseen circumstances. New information or context can quickly shift priorities and it can be challenging to get a sense of accomplishment. 
We can’t be too stuck in our ways but we have to be diligent with how we approach our work, both for ourselves and for our teams. If we start feeling lost, overworked and confused then our teams will feel it as well. Keeping your head above water is a huge part of being a leader and it is also a huge responsibility.
The content shared in today’s issue is themed around approaching how we work, by addressing everything from failure, to being busy. If we don’t take time to breath and ensure that we are working on things that matter, we can find ourselves at the end of the year feeling exhausted and unable to identify what we actually accomplished. This is not a feeling to strive for. 
Take back the rest of the year by creating work habits that will ensure you feel motivated and proud. Set yourself some goals that are in your control and support your team to do the same. It’s not too late!

Read 👓
1. This article explores the relationship between how hard we work (or how tired we feel) to our perceived sense of accomplishment or worthiness. Working ‘harder’ does not always give the desired result and it can lead to unsustainable practices. 
2. I am loving #9: “In improvisation theater, there’s a principle that says you should succeed 80% and fail 20% of the time. If you succeed more often than that, you are too much within your comfort zone. You’re doing things that are too easy for you.”
3. When thinking about what you want to strive for think about ‘why’ that is important to you. This article will help shaping your goals and identifying where you should put focus. 
Listen 🎧
Hiut Denim and Do Lectures founder, David Hieatt, shares the secrets to building long-lasting brands and the big takeaways of his purpose-driven career. A must listen. 
Watch 📺
 Tim Ferriss encourages us to fully envision and write down our fears in detail, in a simple but powerful exercise he calls “fear-setting.” Use this approach to help you take more manageable risks and get out of your comfort zone. 
Try 👩‍🎓
Team building exercises don’t have to be awkward. If they get your team setting (and reaching) goals, they might just be what your company needs.
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