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Future of Leadership 👩‍💻

“A leader is best when people barely know he/she exists, when her work is done, her aim fulfilled, th
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Future of Leadership 👩‍💻
By Gillian Davis • Issue #23 • View online
“A leader is best when people barely know he/she exists, when her work is done, her aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it oursleves" - Loa Tzu 

On Monday night I delivered my latest talk; ‘The Future of Leadership’. Big thanks to the great people at General Assembly (👋 Lora). I must admit it was a challenge to tackle such a big and broad topic but it really made me reflect on what does leadership look like for us in the near future.
I spend most of my time with businesses that exist because of technology. This means they are constantly learning, adapting and changing at a pace that is impossible for any one person to keep up with. It made me think about my first job at an established 'corporate’ company. At the time, a decade ago, there were people still doing roles they had done for 20+ years, using the same approaches, frameworks, and tools.
Technological advances have made it impossible for that to exist anymore. If a role is that routine then it has been, or will be, replaced by technology. The likelihood of anything staying the same for 20+ years in this day and age is surely an exception to the rule.
I reflected on how this change in pace to how we work affects how we approach leadership in the workplace. As a manager, I’ve often been caught between two generations, one who grew up in hierarchy (my managers) and process and the other who expects fluidity, flexibility, and agility (my team). I shared this is an oversimplified and crude graph to reflect the impact of that 🤓
Effects of generational approaches to management
Effects of generational approaches to management
As hierarchies become replaced with cross-functional/ collaborative teams we are seeing a new kind of leadership take shape. It will take a while for this transition to fully take over but until then, the managers between the opposing approaches will continue to struggle.
With the world in constant change, I don’t believe we can prescribe a one size fits all approach to leadership. For these managers to succeed they should focus on learning how to create the space for their teams to thrive and look at leadership as a pendulum, balancing between taking control and letting go. 
In order to have the ability Leaders should focus on mastering the following;
+ Know Yourself (self-awareness)
+ Know Your Team (trust and respect)
+ Know Your Business (adapt and agile)
We can all recognize there is a lot that needs to change and in order for change to happen, we need more and more managers to step up and lead. They shouldn’t shy away from empowering and inspiring others, role model, show vulnerability and make great stuff happen. If there’s one piece of advice I’ve been given that has encouraged me to take more action is; it’s better to…
It's always better.
It's always better.
Teams are looking for their managers to ignite change. If you are committed to leadership then get comfortable being uncomfortable and let go of the notion that you feel you need to have all the answers before taking action. Start to lean on your teams potential to make great stuff happen.
Think about it 🤔
🔸 In order to know how far to push your team members, you have to have their trust and respect. Make sure you are actively listening to them in order to hear what’s not being said. 
🔸 You should be talking about your team’s development on a regular basis. If you’ve fallen behind make up for it by being really prepared for your year-end conversations. They should be focused and useful for both parties. 
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