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[Current Status] I've got nothing

“How wild it was, to let it be.” – Cheryl Strayed, Wild
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[Current Status] I've got nothing
By Gillian Davis • Issue #36 • View online
“How wild it was, to let it be.” – Cheryl Strayed, Wild

For my longtime readers, you may have noticed an absence of this newsletter in your inbox over the past few weeks. For my new readers, welcome 👋
I’ve been knee-deep in some exciting new projects that I cannot wait to share with you and it’s taken 110% of my brain capacity. In the back of my mind, I’ve had this little voice saying “what about the newsletter” that I have been trying to ignore. I sat down this morning to start writing one and caught myself blankly staring at my screen. I’ve got nothing.
I reflected on this. I live and breathe helping others be better leaders. I think, read, talk, daydream about it constantly. How do I have NOTHING to share?! 
Crazy to think that we are halfway through the year, and if yours has been anything like mine, the first half was far from boring. I think I have hit a wall and instead of trying to push through it and come up with some leadership narrative that I don’t really feel connected to, I would instead share a little reminder.
I hope you all get the chance to take some time out over the summer. Even if it’s not a holiday, it’s important to take some time to recharge. The end of the year always catches us by surprise and for managers, this short time will include;
  • Ramping up to deliver on goals set 6 months ago,
  • Planning and budgeting 2019,
  • Having uncomfortable (and positive) salary conversations,
  • Reflecting on the performance of your team members,
  • Being asked to give feedback to peers,
  • Buying holiday presents for friends and family,
  • Attending holiday parties,
  • End of year town halls and presentations,
  • Thanksgiving (for our North American folks), etc.
This is not a fear tactic but a looming reality. If you’re feeling a bit low energy at the moment now is not the time to push through. Take time to sit back, reflect, focus on what is important and recharge so that you can head into the second half of this year with a boost.
Now is the time to be precious with your time. Create some boundaries and stick to them. Do you really need to go to that event? Do you have to have that meeting now? What will happen if you don’t make that decision?
If you do get the chance to go on holiday, set expectations in advance that you will be reachable for emergencies only (#TopTip; define what your version of an emergency is before you leave), set an auto-responder and SHUT.IT.DOWN. 
Enjoy YOUR time. 
This week's Leadership Playlist 🤔
Lil less leadership today. Here are some things for you to ponder whilst basking under the sun.
🔸Are not enough decisions being made -OR- are too many decisions landing on your plate? Either way, it’s likely that the process is slow and frustrating. Change things up by getting in the habit of making some tough calls. This means clear ownership and accountability. Are you making that happen in your team? Here’s an approach that might help. 
🔸 One of my fave artists Malika Favre’s did a commemorative cover for Arab News celebrating women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia 💚❤️🖤
🔸If you haven’t browsed WePresent yet it’s a holiday must. One of my fave online experiences (and must stress the word experience here) it brings together unexpected stories of kick-ass creative minds from around the world.  Check out their feature on how record label 88Rising uses the ’community + collaboration = creativity’ formula in all their projects. Enjoy. 
🔸Beyond words at where the ‘Elon Musk vs Cave Diver’ situation has ended up - I’m sure y'all are done with it, but this got a smirk out of me. 
🔸Need some ideas for what to read this summer. Marc Andreessen’s shares his Top 27 🤷‍♂️. 
Attend 👩‍🎓
Enjoy the sun. Stay hydrated. Don’t forget the SPFFFFFF!!!!
Until next week (or maybe not)…
Gillian 🤘
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