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Build Great Teams 👩‍💻

“Bring your team from NOW to WOW" - Georg Fasching
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Build Great Teams 👩‍💻
By Gillian Davis • Issue #18 • View online
“Bring your team from NOW to WOW" - Georg Fasching

Managers have the responsibility to bring their teams together and make great work happen. What many fail to realise is that great work happens when the team is functioning well together. The point where conflict is minimal, communication is fluid and productivity is high. This stage is not achieved without intention. Think of a sports team, without a coach how well do you think a team would do? They may ‘get by’ through repeating what they have learned but once they hit the unknown it will likely start to fall apart. 
Managers need to have team dynamics top of mind with the aim to reach that high performing stage. There is a lot of research available that can help build better team dynamics and it is becoming more and more relevant as businesses need to rely of high-performing, cross-functional, product development teams. As we move towards matrix organizations and away from departmental hierarchies, having the ability to shape and create great team dynamics will become essential for managers.
In today’s episode I sit down with Georg Fasching, coach and team dynamic expert. Georg shares with us his perspective on how to bring out the human element of your teams in a safe and trusting way. 
Georg has just launched a team dynamics course and have given our community a promo. See below for details. 
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This article breaks down the five stages of a team first developed by Bruce Wayne Tuckman. Just being aware of these stages can be helpful as they will no doubt experience that at some point. 
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Georg being super REAL on the mental blocks that he faced when putting himself out there on video. Nothing but admiration for being open with the behind the scenes challenges that go with reaching your goals. I can really relate to what Georg shares, especially around the need that everything needs to be ‘perfect’ from day 1. I think many of you will connect with the 'Clinical Perfectionism’ that Georg describes. 
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The importance that team dynamics plays in a manager’s role. 
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Georg has just launched a Team Dynamics course and has offered the OverTime community a discount for early adopters. Users will get 50% off in September, 25% in October and 10% ongoing. To activate use the promo code: overtime
Big thank you to Georg! 
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