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Bud Caddell: Lead The Change You Want to See 👩‍💻

“But we tried it in 1995 and it didn't work..."
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Bud Caddell: Lead The Change You Want to See 👩‍💻
By Gillian Davis • Issue #27 • View online
“But we tried it in 1995 and it didn’t work…“

☝️ Familiar rhetoric? Likely. 
A lot of us are struggling to accept that in order to ‘win’ in business we are going to have to change. A lot. 
When I say ‘win’ I’m talking about the ability to attract and retain talent, to be responsive to your customers, to adapt to changing market needs and laws, and to be ahead of your competitors (direct and indirect). The ways of working in the past do not apply to the future. 
Even change management is having to change. 
Bud Caddell is the founder of NOBL, an org design company that helps teams and leaders thrive. A large part of what the team at NOBL do is help their clients embrace change. They do so by breaking ‘big changes’ down into safe experiments that start to create momentum. 
On this episode of the OverTime podcast, Bud shares how he helps organizations spark new initiatives and create lasting change. 
Bud shared some great insights on what it takes for an individual to be a great ‘change agent’. In his eyes, it needs a healthy balance of; 
- Self-awareness
- Accountability 
- Resilience 
It’s important for leaders to not only check themselves against these criteria but to also start hiring for these attitudes. 
We also went on A LOT of tangents which included; 
-  How the uncertainty in the world and radical shifts in perspectives *cough* current political climate *cough* is creating stress and anxiety in the workplace.
- Uncommon hiring techniques that could hurt you in the end.
- The dire state of corporate training. 
- How Etsy aligned buyers and sellers in their product roadmap. 
- Why OKR roll-outs fail!
- Balancing job opportunities over company perks.
Bud's 'Change Agent' Playlist
Listen to learn what 'Flair' has to do with it.
Listen to learn what 'Flair' has to do with it.
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