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March 3 · Issue #6 · View online

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This month’s issue you’ll learn about internet security and solving your own problems, amongst other things.
Greets from ‘s-Hertogenbosch 🇳🇱, Gijs

Safer internet day 🔒
On February 6th it was “Safer internet day”. I didn’t know this day either, but Zack Whittaker shared a tweet with 5 things you should do to protect yourself against all evil on the internet.
All of the 5 items have a link with a good basic explanation of the “why” and “how”.
Zack Whittaker
What to do on Safer Internet Day:
1⃣ Use a password manager.
2⃣ Two-factor everything.
3⃣ Protect your phone number!
4⃣ Browse the web privately.
5⃣ Use Signal.
Spot the UI fail ❌
UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) might seem obvious, but it isn’t always. I stumbled on a cool design quiz that makes your realise that the devil is in the details in this work field.
Let me know your score!
Can't Unsee Can't Unsee
Solve your own problems 💡
Othmane is a maker that I’m following since a couple of months. He disclosed how he comes up with ideas in a blog article.
It all comes down to scratching your own itch. Save your own problems so you are the customer yourself. Pieter Levels also says this in his book Make.
In this extensive article you’ll find out how to do that.
A practical guide to finding problems to solve in less than 60 minutes A practical guide to finding problems to solve in less than 60 minutes
How to make money with your newsletter 💸
I personally didn’t start this newsletter to make money, but to gain reach. My goal is 1000 subscribers that open the newsletter every month.
If you do want to make money with your content, there are several ways though. You can give away your content for free, charge money for it, or use a crowdfunding model to collect payments from your most passionate fans.
A fourth way is explained in this article.
Funding a newsletter with voluntary payments: the tricky ‘fourth way’ Funding a newsletter with voluntary payments: the tricky ‘fourth way’
Why do sites rank? 📊
A video of John Mueller again.
In a Google Webmaster Hangout he was asked why content published on an established site tended to rank higher. The publisher asked why articles on this site consistently received top Google rankings.
Watch the particular question in the video.
Why do some sites rank and others don't?
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