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Facebook's Libra is not the next Bitcoin 💰


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Greets from Barcelona 🇪🇸,
Gijs Heerkens

Facebook's Libra is not the next Bitcoin 💰
Facebook is launching its own currency Libra in 2020. It’s not the next crypto, but more like a PayPal clone. Libra is a coin that lets you buy things or send money to people with nearly zero fees.
Libras can be spent with the Calibra wallet that will be integrated into WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
I think it probably might get big from scratch because of the founding members that will be accepting the coin, like Spotify and Uber. This tackles Bitcoin’s and other cryptos’ big problems; that you can’t actually pay with it yet.
Early businesses adopting Libra will be rewarded, to incentivize the use of it. So, imho, you should already be thinking about it, 2020 is getting close.
Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency explained
Are social logins evil? 😈
The launch of Apple’s SSO (Single Sign-On) tool shook up the world of logins. Apple, Google and Facebook do all offer a social login now.
People are skeptical about this development, but I think it’s safer to use these SSOs than to have hundreds of different password for each separate tool.
Each website or app that offers an email/password signup has to take care of all security issues themselves. An SSO doesn’t actually have bearing on phishing, password breaches and password reuse.
From an entrepreneur point of view this is also the reason to not offer an email/password option. You just can’t offer the security standards an SSO does.
Apple announces new sign-in tool to compete with Facebook and Google Apple announces new sign-in tool to compete with Facebook and Google
The dopamine machine 📸
Last year I muted all my social media connections. That was a giant step to less screen time and more peace of mind. But I kept checking Instagram too much, trying to get the dopamine shot. So I decided to stop using it.
If you are not aware of your own addiction yet, that is killing hours a day in which you could have been productive or reading a book, make sure to read it.
Back to reality 📸 Back to reality 📸
Make Google Analytics clear again 📈
Almost everyone uses Google Analytics and almost everyone agrees that it’s an overkill of reports and data.
I found this tool that solves this problem by bringing the data back to just a few reports. A relief for most of us.
Interface for Google Analytics! Interface for Google Analytics!
Your competitor's grass is greener 🌳
In SEO there is no one great trick to dominate organic search results. But you can come pretty far by being inventive.
This article is about how you can earn significant organic search traffic by mining your competitors’ websites to find new content ideas.
If you ran out of keywords inspiration, you’d better read it.
How to Mine Competitor Websites for Untapped Keyword Opportunities How to Mine Competitor Websites for Untapped Keyword Opportunities
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