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40 marketing lessons from Apple's ads 🍎


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40 marketing lessons from Apple's ads 🍎
Whether an Apple fan or not, everyone agrees that their marketing is really neat. The company can easily be seen as the master of marketing.
A marketing agency called Marketing Trends broke down 40 famous Apple advertisements and marketing campaigns to help tease out timeless marketing principles.
You have to subscribe to their email list to receive the PDF, but it’s worth it.
40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads 40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads
My conclusion on caffeine ☕️
It was my personal trainer who first told me that I had a caffeine dependency. This might seem exaggerated as I was drinking four cups of coffee a day. So I dove into this topic.
I found out some striking things about caffeine that you probably didn’t know. Read it, and what your best bet on caffeine could be, in my blog.
The coffee verdict ☕️ The coffee verdict ☕️
Yes, you can build your own digital products, too 🛠
It’s never been easier to build digital products. Even if you can’t code yet, like me.
You can use WordPress or Carrd to build a website for free. With MailChimp, Twitter or Facebook you can reach your audience. Google Analytics gives you insights in visitor behavior. With Trello you can manage your projects and ideas.
Mostly for free. You can find all tools on StartupStash.
But there is a new phenomenon coming up that is most imporant. According to this Hackernoon article, and I agree; the rise of support communities for makers.
I’m a WIP user myself and it really makes a difference in creativity and motivation.
It’s never been easier to build digital products. It’s never been easier to build digital products.
What if you loose your laptop? 💻
Did you ever have a nightmare about losing your laptop? Imagine if it’s locked when someone finds it. How’s he or she going to find you? He isn’t.
This tweet by Chad Whitaker explains a nice trick to add your contact details to your login screen.
Chad Whitaker
Think about it. If you lose your Macbook there is no way for someone to contact you if it's found.

Add your contact info to the lock screen with this terminal command:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ LoginwindowText "MESSAGE HERE"
Does cold emailing still work? 📧
Tobias van Schneider is a German designer who lives in New York. It’s interesting to follow him because he makes great content.
He did an interview series on how to make cold emailing work. Although having a personal connection is always best, it might still work. That is, according to some big company’s directors he interviewed.
How to Write a Cold Email How to Write a Cold Email
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