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By Gijs Heerkens

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I'm curating a monthly newsletter about online business. Don't miss it, it's free.

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Time to search for other options 👋🏻

GDPR has been around for more than a year in Europe and that probably (and hopefully) hugely impacted how your business handles personal data. On September 14, GDPR's brother SCA was born. Strong Customer Authentication regulates how businesses handle online …


The indie hacker mindset 🧠

Automation. I wrote about it a couple of times before.A great service that safes me tons of time is IFTTT (If This Then That). You can connect hundreds services with this tool to automate stuff.I have attached some examples for iOS users, like automatically b…


Always be automating ⚙️

Manual work sucks.Some developers think they don't have time to automate their work. But by constantly documenting and creating code-snippets, you can accelerate future work.Even tasks that aren't worth automating can be improved by documenting them, as docum…


Facebook's Libra is not the next Bitcoin 💰

Facebook is launching its own currency Libra in 2020. It's not the next crypto, but more like a PayPal clone. Libra is a coin that lets you buy things or send money to people with nearly zero fees.Libras can be spent with the Calibra wallet that will be integ…


You should start learning to code today 💻

USG stands for User Generated Content. That means content that users are adding to your website. If you have the right strategy, you can benefit from USG for sales purposes.This articles provides a lot of examples of what you can do:Give users the possibility…


Skip the growth hacking bullshit 💩

People don’t desire products. They desire feelings that products give them.That's the key takeaway of this article that tells you to forget about the growth hacking bullshit and focus on storytelling.You can kick off your own story telling strategy by followi…


How to ditch your phone 📱

Usability seems obvious and logical. You tackled all usability issues for all type of website users, didn't you?In a big accessibility analysis of the top 1.000.000 home pages, WebAIM found some very common (up tot 85%) mistakes.Go read it.


Solve your own problems 💡

On February 6th it was "Safer internet day". I didn't know this day either, but Zack Whittaker shared a tweet with 5 things you should do to protect yourself against all evil on the internet.All of the 5 items have a link with a good basic explanation of the …


The best link building pro tip I ever found 🔗

"Snippets" are blocks of content that Google finds so relevant for a given search that they highlight it in the search results.An example is this search (in Dutch) where a page of my website is highlighted because it provides the exact answer.So, snippets are…


40 marketing lessons from Apple's ads 🍎

Whether an Apple fan or not, everyone agrees that their marketing is really neat. The company can easily be seen as the master of marketing. A marketing agency called Marketing Trends broke down 40 famous Apple advertisements and marketing campaigns to help t…


Help others to get along with you better 🤝

My new product Personal User Guide was featured on Product Hunt. It's a tool that lets you create your personal user guide to help others get along with you better.It uses your personality profile and is highly effective because it lets others read your user …


Introducing a new inspirational newsletter

The tweet of the month is from @FactSoup, an account with great inspirational quotes.



Google came up with a dead simple hack to create new documents for Google Drive. Just type in,,, or in your browser bar and a new doc wil be created.