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You're a miracle.

Weekly Wisdom with Gigi Engle
You're a miracle.
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A friend of mine wrote to me that spending time with me has helped her to feel OK about being her authentic self. She said that she often questions herself and being with me gives her permission to be who she is and not feel like she has to apologize.
The fact that I tend to say, “Fuck all. Take it or leave it,” when someone isn’t vibing with me is apparently rubbing off on people.
Don’t get me wrong. I obviously have insecurities. But spending time and energy on people who aren’t feeling you is such a goddamn waste of headspace and time. Being authentic is fucking sexy. You are a miracle. And even when you don’t feel sure of yourself, tell yourself how amazing you are. You deserve to be yourself and have people around you who make you feel like you can be exactly who you are; not some watered-down, tame version. Fuck that. You are a dope AF.

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G-Spot Orgasms | YourSexualPSA
G-Spot Orgasms | YourSexualPSA
If you’re a man who wants a say in a woman’s choice to have an abortion after blowing your load in her after three minutes of jackrabbit humping, you fucking carry it inside your body for 9 months and then raise it for 18+ years. K?
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