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You are not a half.

I feel like we're all always in some state of "progress". We look at our careers, love lives, weight,
Weekly Wisdom with Gigi Engle
You are not a half.
By Weekly Wisdom with Gigi Engle • Issue #188 • View online
I feel like we’re all always in some state of “progress”. We look at our careers, love lives, weight, clothes etc. and think of what we’re doing to improve or, at the very least, we think of how we hope all of these things will improve with time.
I, for one, have been getting very over this state of mind lately. I’m exhausted by the pressure I put on myself to do more, to get that next book deal, to keep being on top of my shit. I’m tired of my gorgeous, successful friends lamenting that they can’t find their “other half” or a decent relationship. I’m tired of them saying they want more from their careers when, from where I’m standing, they seem to be doing really fucking great.
Can’t we all (myself included) take a moment to just realize our lives are here. We’re not some work in progress. We are who we are right now. We yearn for a future because we perceive to be seeing that future through the eyes of someone who is better, wiser, more accomplished than we are now.
I hate to break it to you, but your life has arrived and you need to live it now before you miss it. You can get to that perfect weight, that perfect job, and that perfect relationship and still be left wanting.
You are whole. You are the perfect you right now, no matter what the future holds. Yes, you will be better. Yes, you will grow. But you are fabulous right now. Live your fucking amazing life. Stop waiting for your perfect half. You are NOT a half.
This week’s mantras:
  1. I am whole.
  2. I am divine magic.
  3. My light shows through and I am embodying that light.
I love you. Have a great week.

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