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Weekly Wisdom: It's GigiWeen and the world is on fire.

Weekly Wisdom with Gigi Engle
Weekly Wisdom: It's GigiWeen and the world is on fire.
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Hello, unicorn baby! How are you today?
Stressed? Anxious? Trying to stay positive? Thinking about something that makes you feel excited for the future? Floundering in a pit of despair?
Me too.
The US, my hometown, is in complete turmoil. I, for one, feel like I’m in a low-grade constant panic attack. The debates were a fucking nightmare. Covid-19 is still destroying everything. RBG died and abortion will probably become illegal soon. California is on fire. Black kids are being shot in the street by police.
It’s hard to get excited about my favorite time of year when the entire world feels like it’s crumbling around us. And I wish I could say ho-hum I’m so dramatic, but it doesn’t appear to be dramatic at all.
It’s my birthday month. I call it GigiWeen like Halloween because I am a self-obsessed diva with a husband who puts up with my shenanigans and thinks they’re cute for some reason. It’s a big one: Dirty 30. I’m really excited to leave my 20s behind forever and never ever look back. Good things happened, of course. I got married, I moved to London, and more. But I’m ready for something new - a new phase of my life.
It’s hard to be positive when the world appears to be burning around us. I’m trying to stay at upbeat as possible. It’s all I have, really. If we can’t stay positive and try to look forward to things, what’s the point of even being alive? I’m choosing to keep my eyes and heart ahead. I’m trying to hope for the best. If we get wrapped up in the doomsday thinking, we’ll all spiral into oblivion and panic.
If you’re feeling helpless, I get it. It feels like one cataclysmic shit-storm after another with no end in sight. Bad things keep happening and it feels like it won’t stop. But has to stop at some point, right? Or at least … it has to start getting a little better, right? That’s how I’m choosing to see things. You’re not alone in this. Remember that. I’m here for you.
Now, go have an orgasm. You deserve one after all this shit.
This week’s mantras:
  1. I am grateful for what I have.
  2. I forgive myself for things outside of my control.
  3. I will focus on the positive things in my life while trying to contribute to causes I care about.
  4. I will enjoy pleasure and my sexuality.
  5. I will love myself.
I love you very much. Have a great week.

A sweet vibe brought to you by @Kinkly_com
A sweet vibe brought to you by @Kinkly_com
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Weekly Wisdom comes in hot every single Monday.
Weekly Wisdom comes in hot every single Monday.
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