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Weekly Wisdom: I am always wrong.

Weekly Wisdom with Gigi Engle
Weekly Wisdom: I am always wrong.
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Hey, unicorn babe! How are you?
You are looking cute today. No matter where you are or how many things you need to do today, remember that you are amazing. I love you very much.
We’re moving out of Lockdown #2 over here in London. Being locked away again wasn’t as difficult for me this time around. I knew what to expect and I knew how long it would last this time. That was the hardest part during the first lockdown - not knowing when we’d be able to leave our homes again, every week pushing into more weeks of unending sameness.
I have a knack for calling things spectacularly incorrectly. When I first heard of Twitter circa 2007, I sat on my friend’s crusty living room couch in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - hungover and eating bread-less Jimmy John’s sandwiches (un-wiches, wonder if they still have those) - and declared that this “Twitter” would be shuttered and over in six months. I don’t need to explain this one.
When Citi Bike launched in New York circa whenever the hell I was 22, I glared out of my way-too fucking old finance boyfriend’s SUV and proudly stated that no one would ever ride these stupid bikes and we’d see Citi Bike gone by our last weekend at his dad’s summer house in the Hamptons. Today, I cannot think of anything else when I see a bike-sharing bike ride by me - because those absolute MENACES are everywhere.
And lastly, when a little thing called Covid-19 was just a whisper out of Wuhan, I said (and I am not proud of this - don’t @ me) that I was sure this would be “no big deal” and we’d forget it the way we did Swine Flu. Well, that did not work out for me.
I kept my mouth shut about this lockdown extending because I knew whichever way I called it, it would probably not happen. I guess I’ll never know if I’m completely always wrong or if I choose to only notice when I am wrong.
Last week I went on a bit of rampage. Emphasis on PAGE. Lol Please don’t unfollow me.
I decided my website needed a new look. I’ve been planning to update my color scheme to be softer for a while now. I loved the bright red color of my brand (lol brand, shoot me), but many of you have told me it was a bit much. I’ve always loved being a bit “much” so it didn’t bother me. Until it did.
Now that I’m blogging two times a week, I felt you guys needed something less BIG than bright apple red with white writing. And this new look, while pretty damn fly if I do say so myself, has done fuckall with my shadow banning issue on Instagram.
Turns out: INSTAGRAM BANNED THE #SexPositive hashtag. I am not going to sugarcoat it: Not giving people to good, solid information about sexual health and wellness is VIOLENCE.
I know so many sex educators who are dealing with this. We rely on IG for our livelihood and ability to share important sex-positive educational content - and IG is so sex-negative that they put up walls to block you guys from ever seeing our posts. It’s some backwards 1950s bullshit.
Anyway, a lot to think about on my end in an increasingly digital-only world that simultaneously loves sex and despises it. We’re not taught a thing about sex and yet porn is everywhere. Oh, the irony.
What BS have you been dealing with lately? Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. Keep your chin up, babe. Remember that you didn’t think Twitter would be over before it started like I did. We all have our demons.
This week’s mantras:
  1. I will live my truth and try not to tempt fate.
  2. I will mind my mental and physical health.
  3. I will try not to get caught up in the past.
  4. I will love myself.
I love you. Have a great week!
XOXO Auntie G
Check out my new website here - or click the image below if you’re into pastels and watercolors and girly millennial 90s themes like me.

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Weekly Wisdom hits your inbox every single Monday.
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