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Emotionally unwell.

Not every day is the best day. Some days are shit. There are days when I just feel so terribly emotio
Weekly Wisdom with Gigi Engle
Emotionally unwell.
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Not every day is the best day. Some days are shit.
There are days when I just feel so terribly emotionally unwell. My anxiety is out of control and it feels like some little gremlin is inside my chest, pinching my heart. This usually occurs the day after drinking and/or I didn’t sleep well the night before. I suffer from apocalyptic thinking on these days. If don’t get sleep, my body basically decides it’s going to be a fucking asshole for whole next day.
It’s like having a small heart attack while also being so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I can’t relax in this state at all. I’m in a perpetual flight of fight state.
When I’m feeling this way, my partner is really gentle with me. He tries to take as much off my plate as he can. He does the laundry or brings me food. We all deserve to give ourselves permission to have days where things are off. And we should be willing to indulge the ones we love when they need a little TLC. It’s OK to not be OK. And it’s OK to expect to be treated like your feelings matter. You have a right to your emotions.
Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and just do one thing. Cross one thing off your list today. Tomorrow will always be there.
This week’s mantras:
  1. I will be gentle with myself.
  2. I am perfect just the way I am.
  3. Things will work out. The world isn’t ending just because you’re having anxiety.
I love you. Have a great week!

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