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A woman's emotional legacy

Women are constantly on the line for the emotional well-being of their partners. We're given the unfa
Weekly Wisdom with Gigi Engle
A woman's emotional legacy
By Weekly Wisdom with Gigi Engle • Issue #144 • View online
Women are constantly on the line for the emotional well-being of their partners. We’re given the unfair responsibility to teach people (men, in the vast majority of cases) how to behave. As if we are these non-human saint-like creatures who should be at once pure, selfless, and willing to give blowjobs whenever asked.
Often times we wind up “training” a guy to do the right thing: To be a good partner, to care for our emotional needs, and to act like a fucking human being – only to be left so that he (and sometimes she) can go off with someone else, carrying your lessons in hand.
It’s goddamn exhausting. Ladies, we are no longer in a place in our lives to give our emotional energy to the undeserving. We are not responsible for teaching our romantic partners how to treat us with respect, dignity, and love. If you’re not the priority from the get-to, be nothing at all.

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