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Posting here, there, or anywhere has been a bit sparse because of the confluence of event activity (D

Gordon Haff

July 12 · Issue #7 · View online
I'm a technology evangelist at Red Hat where I deal with topics such as containers, DevOps, cloud strategy, and IoT. Those will be the primary focus of this newsletter but I'll also use it to highlight generally interesting links and to provide updates on my comings and goings. Blog: http://bitmason.blogspot.com

Posting here, there, or anywhere has been a bit sparse because of the confluence of event activity (DevOpsDays Silicon Valley, Red Hat Summit, LinuxCon Japan) and vacation (a week in Maine between events and some time after LinuxCon in Japan). I’m in Tokyo at the moment and will be presenting “Fail Fast, Fail Well” with my colleague William Henry this afternoon. 
When I return, if all goes according to plan, I will–somewhat by design–have much of August to work on projects. That means writing generally but it also means expanding The New Platform: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet presentation that I gave at Cloud Expo into (shortish) book format. In addition, 
I’m looking at relaunching the Cloudy Chat podcast which has been effectively on hiatus since my regular co-host changed roles. I’m still working out the details although I’ll probably end up keeping the existing feed and largely the same format.
Finally, I want to spend some time digging into some technology such as blockchain as well as getting hands-on with some IoT- and data-related things. 
Probably all way too ambitious but that’s the plan.
(Oh, and yeah, I’m getting a bathroom remodeled after a year+ of trying to find someone to take my money.)

Red Hat Summit
Summit was a great event as always with lots of great sessions, opportunities to get together with colleagues, meet with customers, and have discussions with analysts. In the coming months, I’ll be highlighting various Summit videos and other material as it goes on line. 
I tend to think that we haven’t always done the best job of making all the content created for Summit more available to a wider audience. Red Hat has some formal efforts going on in that regard but I’m also going to be working on this as part of my overall technology evangelism.
For now, the Red Hat events blog is a good place to get started. Among other pieces, it’s got posts on JPL’s keynote on open development, the Red Hat Cloud Roadmap, Ansible container management, and a duo of sessions (a presentation and a BoF) that I did on DevOps. 
Here are the full write-ups I did on my two sessions.
What I've been reading
Deadly Tesla Crash Exposes Confusion over Automated Driving - Scientific American
Fun stuff
What Her Story Tells Us About the Current State of Video Games
A New Way to Prevent Muscle Cramps - WSJ
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