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Gordon's Hafftime #9: IoT


Gordon Haff

August 3 · Issue #9 · View online

I'm a technology evangelist at Red Hat where I deal with topics such as containers, DevOps, cloud strategy, and IoT. Those will be the primary focus of this newsletter but I'll also use it to highlight generally interesting links and to provide updates on my comings and goings.


I admit that other more immediate concerns have been mostly winning out over IoT for my brain’s attention of late. DevOps and associated container platform infrastructure have probably been the most guilty among a host of guilty parties. However, various things have conspired to give IoT the headline this week.
The first of these is the upcoming ThingMonk event being put on by RedMonk in London in September. As any of you who have attended a RedMonk soirée before know, they’re very special conferences that bring together great people and studiously avoid then barraging them with Powerpoints and marketing fluff. Oh, the beer’s good too. Just go.
I’m putting together some IoT-related demo(s) for the event. What exactly I show will depend on how much time I can make to work on it [1] and how favorably the demo gods smile. But one option at least seems to be off to a good start and I have a fallback for that in any case.
Oh, and I should have some goodies for Hackathon giveaways depending upon how good a job I can do of scrounging around in Raleigh next week.
Some interesting IoT pieces have also crossed my virtual desk and I’ll share those below.
[1] Within about 24 hours of returning from Japan, my well-laid August plans to get-stuff-done were pared back by almost two weeks of unexpected travel. The travel’s worthwhile and includes Gartner Catalyst, which I’ve never intended but it still wasn’t in the battle plan.

What I've been writing^W planning
Not much new (that I can share) on the writing front at the moment. Mostly getting organized for the fall with more organization sorely needed.
One thing I’ve been up to is preparing for a Cloudy Chat podcast relaunch. This went a “bit” inactive after my ongoing co-host got busy with some other duties but I have a couple new regulars signed up and plan to start pushing out new content in September. DevOps and container platforms will definitely feature heavily but we have some other ideas as well. 
In the meantime, be sure to check out my colleague Richard Morrell’s Locked Down podcast if you have any interest in security. (And if you’re involved in IT or software development and don’t have an interest in security, we need to have a little talk.)
What I've been reading
In IoT strategies going vertical, Bob O'Donnell writes that:
One of the few directions most seem to agree on is the growing importance of the Internet of Things (IoT). Even here, however, the general fuzziness about what IoT really is, how to best approach it, and what the real opportunities are is leading to a lot of head-scratching and strategic adjustments.
Many companies, for example, initially tried to approach IoT with a more horizontal perspective, hoping to find solutions that worked across multiple industries and applications. Fairly quickly, however, most have found that they need to refine and focus their efforts across many separate vertical applications in order to find success.
The fuzziness of IoT is a common theme and it’s been my experience as well that thinking about vertical use cases (whether or not the technology itself is vertical to a significant way) is a useful way to eliminate distractions. 
For example, this presentation by Red Hat’s David Bericat on Internet of Things Use Cases drills down on problems and solutions associated with specific industries.
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