Gordon's Hafftime #10: Catalyst, Distributed Teams, and Containers





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Gordon Haff

August 31 · Issue #10 · View online

I'm a technology evangelist at Red Hat where I deal with topics such as containers, DevOps, cloud strategy, and IoT. Those will be the primary focus of this newsletter but I'll also use it to highlight generally interesting links and to provide updates on my comings and goings.

Blog: http://bitmason.blogspot.com

My August has ended up more structured than I hoped which means that the “projects list” didn’t see nearly as much progress as I had hoped.
The proximate cause was a couple of trips I hadn’t planned on: internal meetings down in Raleigh and Gartner Catalyst in San Diego. I won’t say more about Catalyst here; down below you can read my event recap with an IoT focus.
Last week I also attended DevOpsDays Boston–a local event for once. This year it moved from Microsoft NERD to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel to accommodate the 500 or so attendees. The DevOpsDays in the tech centers have certainly grown. On the one hand the interest in DevOps is great to see. On the other hand, a 500 person event feels a lot different from a 100 person one. My general observation is that the focus had shifted some to big workshops (e.g. on Ansible and Kubernetes) and sessions–and somewhat away from the unconference-y OpenSpaces (though those were still present). The dual tracks for much of the breakout time also meant that there was effectively a tech track and a culture/people track for much of the mornings, which is also a departure from the primacy of culture in more typical DevOpsDays. 
I’m off to Maine this weekend (barring potential weather-related glitches) and then to London for Container Camp and ThingMonk. After those conference events, I’ll be taking a week or so in Yorkshire to do some inn-to-inn hiking in the Moors starting in Helmsley followed by a couple of nights in York.
The Cloudy Chat podcast is back! See below.
Finally, this newsletter remains something of an experiment. I find it’s a good way for me to pull together various threads and easily publish. That said, people are bombarded by so much email these days that I’m not sure “push” is especially effective for distribution. I’ll likely think about other ways that I can, at a minimum, also make this content and commentary available for those who hesitate to explicitly sign up for yet another weekly email.

What I've been writing
Connections: Series of posts about modernizing virtualization
Connections: Internet-of-Things (IoT) at Gartner Catalyst
Connections: Podcast: Distributed teams with Jen Krieger
What I've been reading
Forking Docker Not
Deploying 1000 nodes of OpenShift on the CNCF Cluster (Part 1) | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Deploying Microservices on OpenShift using Kubernetes – Red Hat Developer Blog
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