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Containers, containers, containers - Issue #2


Gordon Haff

May 10 · Issue #2 · View online

I'm a technology evangelist at Red Hat where I deal with topics such as containers, DevOps, cloud strategy, and IoT. Those will be the primary focus of this newsletter but I'll also use it to highlight generally interesting links and to provide updates on my comings and goings.


I was tempted to hold Issue #2 of this newsletter for a bit given that my output tends toward a rugged landscape of peaks and valleys. Nonetheless, the content for a container-themed issue filled up pretty rapidly and there’s probably no good reason to hold things much longer.

Grant Shipley will be presenting at the Triangle Kubernetes meetup session this coming Thursday, May 12. 6:30pm in the Red Hat Annex at 190 E. Davie Street in downtown Raleigh.
News from the container front
One of my colleagues passed on the following photo and observation from CoreOS Fest in Berlin. (The speaker is Fintan Ryan of RedMonk who all do a great job of mining often non-traditional data sources for insights.)
The observation was this: In the current state of Kubernetes you would normally see mostly interest in source code. But with Kubernetes he sees an unusual growth of meetups. This could be an indicator for more future adoption of users not just platform builders.
RedMonk's Fintan Ryan at CoreOS Fest in Berlin
RedMonk's Fintan Ryan at CoreOS Fest in Berlin
I’ll add the observation that what’s happening in the container world and its associated ecosystems (orchestration, software-defined infrastructure, immutable container-optimized OSs, DevOps, etc.) is… unprecedented(?) in the IT world. I certainly can’t remember a period when existing architectural and operational models were being overthrown at such a pace.
There’s  a reason we’ve been so focused at Red Hat on working in the upstream kubernetes, docker, OpenStack, Project Atomic, and OpenShift Origin (platform-as-a-service) communities as well as commercializing these are downstream product subscriptions.
I touched upon this discontinuous change in my New Distributed Application Infrastructure at InterOp last week. However, I wonder if I’m still giving the nature of this Cambrian Explosion short shrift and will be further tweaking (aka rewriting) this talk for CloudExpo in New York in a few weeks.
Divide et Impera – tecosystems
The creators of Siri just showed off their next AI assistant, Viv, and it's incredible | The Verge
Why 2016 made a mockery of Nate Silver
Data, like code, is better open |
This week in OpenStack: May 9 -15 |
From the vaults
In this section, I highlight pieces I’ve written at some time previously either because they’re still (mostly) relevant or particularly worthy of eye-rolling. (Hopefully, not too many of the latter.)
Connections: How application virtualization was reborn
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