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Sexual harassment allegations rock Nigeria’s startup community

Ọbowiẹ, That’s ‘good morning’ in EdoA few days ago, the founder of a leading Nigerian startup was acc
Sexual harassment allegations rock Nigeria’s startup community
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That’s ‘good morning’ in Edo
A few days ago, the founder of a leading Nigerian startup was accused of sexual harassment, and the first thing that came to my mind was: Et tu, tech bros?
Even though he’s denied the allegations, the public he-say-she-say that’s followed has been sad to watch.
Teachable moment
Startups have a golden opportunity to build a work culture that’s fairer to women, an opportunity that players in more mature parts of the tech ecosystem might have lost — sadly.
That culture should allow safe spaces for victims to report their attackers first internally, no matter how powerful that person might be. 
There’s no app for that
There have been talks of building a central portal where victims can report incidents anonymously.
I’ve found those conversations to be very, shall I say, ‘on brand’.
There are more important things than building new pieces of code.
You’d recall that the #MeToo movement was built on platforms that were transparent and already available like MySpace and Twitter.
Let’s also not forget that the incidents that escape unsafe office spaces into increasingly safer spaces online still need to be investigated.
Now, who is willing to be the Ronan Farrow or the Chude Jideonwo of this situation?

Tizeti is investigating sexual harassment allegations against its boss
Kendall Ananyi @kananyi, did you whip out your *thing* on me in a professional meeting where you were supposed to be advising me about my startup & transitioning into fulltime consulting?

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