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Fighting locusts and fake news, the new use cases for drones in East Africa

Habari za asubuhi, That's 'good morning' in SwahiliEast Africa is currently experiencing its worst lo
Fighting locusts and fake news, the new use cases for drones in East Africa
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Habari za asubuhi,
That’s ‘good morning’ in Swahili
East Africa is currently experiencing its worst locust infestation in decades. 
Under normal circumstances, that would be headline news. But ‘normal’ is so last year and the region is now having to manage through a crisis within a crisis.
Locusts are very dangerous on a good day but at a time when a pandemic is already threatening food security, the last thing you need is a crop-destroying pest with a voracious appetite. 
Earlier in the year BC (before corona), Mauritania tested drones to fight its own desert locust infestation. Now the Kenyan government has announced that it has relaxed restrictions and is deploying new weapons in its fight against an old enemy. Read more.

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