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Your biweekly dose of connected marketing (davaidavai #15)

Happy Monday everyone, this week's list of links is a bit "Guide-heavy". But to be honest: I totally
2. Juli · Ausgabe #15 · Im Browser ansehen
Happy Monday everyone,
this week’s list of links is a bit “Guide-heavy”. But to be honest: I totally appreciate brief overviews over important marketing subjects once in a while. Beyond that there is not much to say except: I think about getting an ice cream now.
Enjoy the links,
P.S. Feel free to contact me if you think you want to discuss matters of connected marketing strategy with me (

British advertising is primed for a creative renaissance. But are you ready for it?
The Beginner's Guide to Instagram Advertising 2018
156 Slides on the state of AI
The winners and shortlists from Cannes Lions 2018
5G is coming and will change digital advertising in more ways than you think - Digiday
Louvre Abu Dhabi - Case Study
A wonderful selection of some of the latest UI trends
A Complete Guide to Spotting Fake Influencers (Updated June 2018)
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