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The Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech (ML@GT) is an interdisciplinary research center that trains the next generation of #machinelearning & #AI pioneers.

The Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech (ML@GT) is an interdisciplinary research center that trains the next generation of #machinelearning & #AI pioneers.

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New Computer Vision Research from Georgia Tech; A Housekeeping Bot's Debut

Computer vision research involves creating the next generation of machines to understand videos and images as easily as humans can. Georgia Tech’s latest contributions to the field will be presented Oct. 23-27 at the European Conference on Computer Vision.Exp…


Major Moves Forward in AI Funding, Clean Energy Materials, and Robotics for Medicine

If the devices in our pockets can help convince more of us that public transit is convenient and safe, let's revisit how to make it work in the age of ride sharing. That's the case with Pascal Van Hentenryck (ISyE) and a team of about seven Ph.D. students who…


Welcome. You've Come to the Right Spot for Machine Learning at Georgia Tech

Brian Magerko (PI) and Jessica Roberts (Co-PI), faculty in the School of Interactive Computing, along with Duri Long (Co-PI), a HCC PhD alumna and faculty at Northwestern, have been awarded a new $1.72 million grant this August from the National Science Found…


Breaking Barriers in Computational Linguistics; Preview GT Work at the Year's Biggest Robotics Research Gathering

Diyi Yang's SALT Lab will look to make a name for itself among CS and language experts at the upcoming 60th Meeting for the Association of Computational Linguistics. Most of the lab's nine papers — including an Outstanding Paper — "center nicely around the th…


Meet Georgia Tech's Newest ML PhD Grads; A New Standard in Cooperative Bots; Plus More

On May 6 and 7, members of the Graduating Class of Spring 2022 will take part in commencement ceremonies. Congratulations to all the graduates who are being conferred degrees and a special congratulations to the Machine Learning PhD graduates. We wish you the…


GT's Latest in Deep Learning, Data Forecasting, and ML Applications in Biological Sciences

Explore the Machine Learning Center's coverage of deep learning research from Georgia Tech at the International Conference on Learning Representations, taking place April 25-29. We look forward to celebrating the authors' successes and continuing work to adva…


ICLR Author Q&As, ML for Stronger Metal, and Undergrad Research Standouts

Georgia Tech’s presence at the upcoming ICLR the last week of April is focused on innovations in the field of deep learning. The majority of papers co-authored by Georgia Tech are led by a researcher from the institute.What would these first authors tell the …


Georgia Tech at ICLR, PhD Dissertation Defenses, and JP Morgan AI Fellows

The International Conference on Learning Representations, April 25-29, will bring together 4K+ researchers to discuss the latest in deep learning. Explore the people and papers from Georgia Tech, a leading contributor in the conference proceedings based on th…


ML for Optimizing Public Transit, Biodiversity, and Wheelchair Use

Pascal Van Hentenryck (ISyE) describes MARTA Reach as an on-demand multimodal transportation solution — riders can use their smartphones (or tablets that are installed on MARTA shuttles) with the MARTA Reach app to find a quick route to the nearest MARTA stat…


Expanding ML education to minorities, Sustainable Development Goals, and More

Georgia Tech and Meta have launched a new co-teaching initiative, the Artificial Intelligence Learning Alliance (AILA), with the goal of bringing graduate-level machine learning educational opportunities to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)…


AAAI-22, Sloan Fellows, and an Alum's $1B in Sales Aided by AI

Georgia Tech researchers and their collaborators have new published research in the Thirty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence which started this week. The conference, Feb. 22 – March 1, is the main annual event for the Association for the Advanc…


Q: What is the Shape of Our Community? A: Come Swarm with Us

Each of us has our own networks and experiences at Georgia Tech and there is no shortage of ways to get connected on campus. We want to celebrate our community in ML@GT and give a broad sense of the people and representation in the research center.You can do …


Misinformation Research Gets NSF Funding, Grad Resources and Accolades

A $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation could help give human fact checkers the computational tools needed to accurately and efficiently push back against a growing swell on online misinformation.As part of a larger $21 million investment made b…


Machine Learning Forecast for 2022, IEEE Fellows, and the Spring Speaker Lineup

Building trust in machines and teaching workers new skills using digital technology are two themes that emerged when Georgia Tech faculty offered insight into the year ahead.Deven Desai, Business, and Ashok Goel, Interactive Computing, are among the faculty w…


ML Reliability and Computational Efficiency, Healthcare Transformation, and Fall Grad Stats

Gari Clifford describes his lab as “applying machine learning to whatever problems doctors come up with.” But, he explains, his “secret agenda,” is to see it change healthcare entirely. And for that to happen, edge machine learning — machine learning done in …


Grads Say Farewell, Keep Ramblin' On

All told, more than 800 students with degree concentrations in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related areas are part of Georgia Tech’s Fall 2021 Graduating Class. Congrats to all on your accomplishments in earning that credential and what it r…


Georgia Tech ML Degrees are Hot this December

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! The Machine Learning Center is celebrating Georgia Tech graduates receiving ML-related degrees this December.Explore highlights of a few members from this new class of alumni, including the latest PhD graduates in Machine…


Making Sense of the Brain with Neuro+ML; Postshow for GT Capstone Design Expo

When someone asks Eva Dyer what she does for a living, she has a short and simple answer: “I try to teach machines how to understand the brain.” As the principal investigator of the Neural Data Science Lab — or NerDS Lab — at the Georgia Institute of Technolo…


The Global NeurIPS Picture; Human-Centered XAI

NeurIPS 2021 boasts more than 7.3K authors from 46 countries in the main program. The top 10 countries by papers represent about 94 percent of papers in the main program and 26 percent of first authors (87 percent of all authors).The U.S. and China alone have…


NeurIPS 2021: Authors Share What Motivates and Drives Their Work

What motivates or inspires a certain research direction? What's the lasting impact the researchers will take with them? Some of Georgia Tech's PhD students discuss these and other topics around their upcoming NeurIPS work. Check out the short Q&As.