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We're dyeing cats like you wouldn't believe out here!

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‘Lo child,
Hey, it’s Pride! I hope your local celebration is busier than a dyke in a hardware store, and absolutely fascist-free.
As you can probably imagine, my shelves, countertops, and surfaces just overflow with dragon ass and anime girls, because I paint almost every day and I’m constantly whining at my girlfriend for more material, but no one actually requested I do any of this, I just can’t seem to stop. So I’m trying to get together enough little interesting things that we can have a storefront of some kind and offload this stuff.
As with everything, I feel the need to wildly over-prepare for every possible problem before I take even one step, so I feel like I have to get a full set of these Genshin Vision trinkets done before I put up the store page. For some reason that’s the goal I’ve set myself. So, progress is, but that’s why I’m focusing on them and yet not really focusing on them - I’m trying to figure out a good way to do them more efficiently and reliably, but they’re not especially interesting as art, to me.
These four are pretty much done, and you can see the housings we’ve made - I intend to have versions for each element and each region, so when I’m done there’ll be an Electro sigil for Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma, for example. Might do the Fatui and Traveler shapes also, we’ll see.
Our market for this kind of work is the cosplay crowd, really, because these are meant to look as realistic as possible. It’s easy to find a serviceable Vision trinket for cheap, you can even get one that lights up, but I’m more interested in making stuff for a person who craves detail and fidelity to the original costumes.
There might be other things we can work on in that vein - there are a lot of accessories and jewelry pieces that the Genshin girls wear that could be made much better than your standard plastic-bag costume crap - I mean, dig, if you will, this picture. The jewelry and buckles are fucking printed on the cloth, it’s hilariously awful. So those - her claws, buckles, crown etc. - would be things we could print and make higher-quality versions for cosplay purposes.
This is what I’ve been painting while waiting for layers to dry on the Visions:
Cat-bird-wizard? Wizard with more than his share of familiars, I guess. Or just a really overdressed shelter worker, I mean, those shoulderpads would have come in very handy at the Humane Society.
You can see the Nebula Gold color-shifting from pink to gold over his shoulders there. It’s Celestial Azure on the other snake and the trim of his robe.
I decided to make the cats blue mostly because I love Saga, and specifically I love Lying Cat, who is blue. So, blue cats, and also blue snake and bird.
The bird’s feather patterning is modeled on the red-shouldered hawk, so I guess this is a blue-shouldered hawk!
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