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The song of death is sweet and endless

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‘Lo child!
An inordinate amount of time has passed, utterly void of struggle - no ex-wives were contained within it! And now we’re back, the Infernal Machine has coughed and screeched and lurched back into motion. I spent most of my break playing Disco Elysium, about which much, much more anon - I think I will have to write something terribly long and navel-gazey about it, because it did so for me, obviously.
Our first year was one of much organizational and logistical scrambling, but those efforts will ensure profit and plunder as this year our cult begins its slow but inevitable conquest of the earth. Before the year’s end you got a glimpse of our Christmas project:
…which you can examine in more detail and clarity at cult headquarters. Heard some clamoring from the populace for the STL files of these little furnishings, so that you might print them at home, and we’re working to make that happen. I’d also like to have some pre-made versions available, as individual pieces or as a set you could use to decorate a dollhouse or something. So we’ll see how that looks; getting that set up is my goal for this year.
I genuinely prefer painting furniture and spaces like this, as opposed to painting people, but I like having figurines and smaller tabletop models to work on while larger pieces are drying. Mostly I love the Genshin models for their bright colors and intricate costuming - the clothes are SO fun to paint.
Lisa was pretty finicky to paint - definitely the most challenging of these we’ve done so far. I attempted some fairly ambitious lighting effects on the base and lantern, which were about 85% successful I would say. I found that the Apothecary White contrast paint is great for shading on white things like her skirt and book, which makes it somewhat the star of the last few things I’ve painted. It’s more or less totally pointless for the purpose I got it, which was highlighting, but it’s amazing for pale shading and translucent glass effects.
I also, for some reason, felt the need to paint little rituals and spells inside her book? Because of who I am as a person. So you can see more of that on Instagram.
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The Tiniest Nightmare
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