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‘Lo child!
There is, as you might imagine, often a great deal of overlap between the fields of “cult leader” and “drug dealer.” It’s not a sure thing as it’s often presented in the media, though - drug dealer is in fact an entry-level position in many cults, with higher authorities in the drug trade usually rising no higher than middle management in a cult environment. Most ex-cartel members lack the charisma to make the leap to cult leadership.
That said, the lower ranks of most cults will have a larger-than-average proportion of junkies, simply because the addictive mindset is one that can be easily exploited by strong personalities. We can see this dynamic play out at the Honeypot, Jakob Lynch’s casino in Malifaux. The place is wildly successful, and it might seem like an excellent financial move to sign on as one of his Beckoners, but wait until you get a look at their career arc:
Lynch does provide a uniform for his employees, of course - the Beckoners’ blue corsets match the carpet and are known throughout the city - but you only get the one, and if you mess it up by, say, getting addicted to an eldritch drug and sprouting horrifying tentacles that tear holes in your silk stockings, replacing it will come out of your pay.
Your new appendages do open up new avenues of employment, it must be said - Lynch uses a few of these “Illuminated” to protect shipments and manage inventory - but most employers won’t accept applicants with obvious addiction issues like this, so your opportunities will likely be limited to the Honeypot and its subsidiaries.
And, of course, the fall is precipitous:
The Depleted aren’t paid, but then, they don’t have to pay rent either, so there’s that. Mostly they grab stuff and drool a lot. But it’s a lifestyle, y'know what I’m sayin?
Gotten back to Malifaux models in between big projects. You can see more angles on these guys on Instagram.
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