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Honey, I shrunk Monet

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‘Lo child!
These 3D models have kind of taken over the place around here, haven’t they?
If that kind of thing isn’t as interesting to you as the other nonsense I get up to, let me assure you that I am assiduously browbeating myself each and every day on your behalf to write and draw more. There’s a new chapter of Shadowplay out, specifically and especially for you, the three people left in the world who want to read a chapter book released in installments. But for the moment, this is the project that is setting my brain on fire:
This is what I’m calling a 3D painting - a projection of Monet’s “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge” into a diorama about four inches square and two inches deep. I’m excited about doing more of these with other historical paintings, possibly even some with people in them! Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the original painting with the model:
There’s a video on Instagram if you want a better sense of its size and construction. I’d like to do these custom for other people, so if you’re interested in a handpainted, 3D reproduction of your favorite classical art, hit me up! I’d expect something like this to be in the area of $80-100 depending on complexity and features like lights, moving parts, etc.
I’m having trouble coming up with an elevator pitch for this idea - it takes a lot of explaining to even get across what I’m talking about! You can see more in-progress pictures of this piece and some of our thinking behind it on the blog.
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