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Hey Supergiant, wanna get with this?

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‘Lo child,
This newsletter is basically, well -
That. It’s me running in here, harbles askew, to show you them! I’m always excited. But you guys, I’m so stoked about what we did this week I’m not even gonna ramble aimlessly about it first, here, look:
So this has been our project for the past two months, between modeling, printing and painting - all those little bits you’ve been seeing in-progress are now assembled! A perfect (if I do say so myself) reproduction of Zagreus’s room from Supergiant’s game Hades.
It’s about 20x10x7cm (or 8x4x3in) in two halves that are each about 10cm (4in), and just because I felt like weighing it on my kitchen scale for no reason, I can report that it weighs 250 grams or about half a pound! Lot heavier than it looks.
No one else is gonna notice this, because I’m probably the last remaining defender of Supergiant’s previous game, Pyre, an improbable combination of visual novel and NBA Jam, but do you see that green orb on the lowest shelf by the game table? The symbol that I painstakingly recreated on that green orb is the mark of the Nightwings, your team of exiles in Pyre. Made me happy to see it, so I made sure it was in the model.
Ask me how hard it was to paint and assemble that quill without breaking it. Actually don’t; I have PTSD and I might punch you.
The Mirror of Night was the hardest modeling challenge, I am informed by Elder Viki Winter (who modeled all of these things from scratch; you can see them pre-printing and painting on her Instagram). It was also something of a challenge in the surfacing, unexpectedly - turns out that this kind of clear-drying realistic water material bubbles and warps when it comes into contact with the chemical fumes of cyanoacrelate, or superglue. Isn’t that how we assemble these models, you ask? Why yes, my clever child, have a chocolate soul. I had to re-surface the Mirror twice, because it was ruined by the very glue I used to hang it on the wall!
Those tiny paintings were the most fun, honestly. I should just paint tiny versions of big paintings forever. Maybe a tiny reproduction of the Louvre?
Also, check out the flames and dripping wax on the candles and in the braziers - it’s Green Stuff!
You can see more pictures and detailed specs on the site or the Gram. This was so much fun and came out so well that I really would like to do the WHOLE HOUSE, which would be… an undertaking, let’s put it that way! We’re at another of those ‘notice me Senpai’ moments where I’m going to try to show this to the Supergiant guys and ask them if they want to commission the whole hall for their office.
So y'know, because my newsletter is such a hit with all the most well-connected influencers and celebrities, I expect you all to go out and do your bit to boost the signal. I’m terrible at the social media stuff, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, but it’s how we have to work at this point in time, so do the things you know to do - tell your friends, click the “likes” and the “shares” and the “claps” and the “beefs,” communicate to our Owners that we are worthy to be packaged and sold, the dearest wish in the heart of all good Products.
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