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VALORANT Challengers Stage 3
Gen.G bests Andbox, takes a map off of Sentinels before falling to Team Envy
After a convincing win over Andbox during the open qualifying rounds for the Stage 3 VCT Challenger’s bracket, Gen.G’s VALORANT team seemed confident going into their toughest challenge yet – a match against the Masters Stage 2 winning Sentinels.
Gen.G’s solidified roster for Stage 3 of the North American Challengers tournament included former CS:GO players Michael “MkaeL” De Luca, Anthony “gMd” Guimond, and Kenneth “koosta” Suen, as well as standout player Shawn “Shawn” O’Riley and newly added Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison.
Going into the game against Sentinels, Gen.G was aware of the challenge ahead of them. VALORANT content creator Ploo even tweeted promising fans a “hot tub stream” if Gen.G secured the win. Sentinels only lost two maps since May 1st, securing themselves as a dominant force in North America. 
The first eight rounds on Bind, the first map of the matchup, looked dismal for Gen.G. Sentinels’ TenZ opted to play Yoru on this map, an unconventional agent selection. Yoru has largely been regarded as the worst agent in the game up to this point, and during the previous stage of the VCT Challenger’s tournament, he had a less than 1% pick rate in North America. Sentinels also focused on countering what could have been seen as Gen.G’s biggest threat in gMd’s Raze. 
Everything started to turn around for Gen.G headed into round 9. The team seemed to have a new wave of confidence in their play. Gen.G took the lead in round 21, and there was no taking it back for the Sentinels as Gen.G secured the map win on Bind. Gen.G showed their resilience coming back from an 8 round deficit to take the map, key factors being NaturE’s playmaking and Shawn’s fantastic Skye utility.
Gen.G takes the lead in round 21.
Gen.G takes the lead in round 21.
Headed into Icebox, Gen.G notably tried to play to their strengths by focusing on utility usage. The first half of Icebox was a close one, with Gen.G keeping up with Sentinels pace, but eventually the map would go the way of the reigning Masters champions.
Gen.G ended up losing the next map of Haven as well, but the push through this stage of Challengers has shown a lot of growth and depth in the roster, with players being able to present a variety of compositions and mastery of many different agents. Though Gen.G fell out of the bracket with their loss to Team Envy the next day, they have another chance to fight their way into Masters. On July 29th, Gen.G will compete again along with Version1, Rise, and Pioneers for the final stage of North American Challengers, all fighting for the chance to represent the North American region in Berlin in September.
League of Legends LCK Update
Gen.G recovers with sweep against DRX after two consecutive losses against DWG KIA and T1
GEN(7-1) vs T1(4-4) (7/9/21)
Following their loss to DWG KIA on July 4th, Gen.G again fell 0-2 to T1 on day 23 of the LCK Summer split. Despite repeated draft picks on both teams, T1’s oppressive focus toward the top side of the map proved too much early on for Gen.G’s Kwanghee “Rascal” Kim.
T1’s draft in Game 1 opted for Chang-dong “Canna” Kim’s Jayce to succeed. Sang-hyeok “Faker” Lee’s proactive teleports on his champion Twisted Fate gave T1 the edge to come out on top in the minute-long dance around the third dragon fight. Gen.G attempted to stem the bleeding, but the spotlight off T1’s Ziggs meant the Yordle had breathing room to wreak havoc with his satchels on Gen.G’s base. T1 won with 14 kills to Gen.G’s 6.
Game 2 resembled an accelerated version of the first. T1 continued its aggressive playstyle with Nidalee and Renekton picks in the jungle and mid. This combination yielded a historical 0% win-rate over seven games this split, but Gen.G still needed to bide their time against the lethal cougar and crocodile, and capitalize on mid game opportunities. 
Instead, just 9 minutes into the start, both teams opted to send all their players topside to contest the Rift Herald. Gen.G secured the objective, but at the cost of Faker’s Renekton slicing and dicing through their frontline. The remaining survivors mobilized around their top turret, but T1 carefully picked them off in a five-man dive. The added pressure of Min-hyeong “Gumayusi” Lee’s repeat Ziggs cemented a sensation of deja vu, and T1 won 18-2 in the kill-count.
Despite the end results, Gen.G remains first place at 7-2 in the current LCK Summer split standings, with DWG KIA trailing at 7-3.
GEN(7-2) vs DRX(1-8) (7/13/21)
On day 25, Gen.G delivered a decisive 2-0 against DragonX as the opening match. Although the results were much-expected for the players clad in gold and black, their victory was equally cause for celebration, given Gen.G’s prior two losses that ended a then-perfect split run.
In Game 1, DRX’s freshly signed midlaner, Ho-young “Jett” Bae, coordinated with his jungler to snatch a few early kills. But tragedy struck them as Seong-hoon “Kingen” Hwang’s Gnar missed a few windows for his crucial Mega Form to contribute. Gen.G began to pull away as Jae-hyuk “Ruler” Park’s perfectly timed Cleanses enabled Aphelios’ Infernum weapon to blaze through DRX like wildfire.
Again, Game 2 seemed to roll over the momentum from the first. DRX opted for a Ziggs strategy reminiscent of the match with T1. But a few failed Rift Herald sieges meant the small bomberman would only be confined to minion-clearing. Ruler’s Varus performed some flashy outplays with his Piercing Arrows, and Bo-seong “Bdd” Gwak’s Azir brilliantly set up a four-man Emperor’s Divide for a convincing sweep against DRX. Gen.G ended 26 to 10.
With this win, Gen.G distances itself at first-place 8-2, and Nongshim Redforce is now tied with DWG KIA for second.
Overwatch League and Seoul Dynasty
Seoul does not qualify for Summer Showdown tournament in a close East region knockout stage
Overwatch League Standings
Despite going into the weekend standing at #2 in the East region, the Seoul Dynasty (9-6-0) just barely failed to qualify for the Overwatch League’s Summer Showdown tournament in Hawaii. 
In this season’s new format, two teams from each region have the opportunity to travel to Hawaii to compete in a small, four-team tournament, allowing for the best teams in the league to get a chance to participate in LAN-style play.
Seoul has kept up a consistent pace and high standing throughout this season, yet has not qualified for any of the three tournaments. The Shanghai Dragons have been a dominant force in the APAC region, qualifying for every tournament thus far, leaving the last seven teams in the division fighting for one spot. 
This time around, the final spot would be decided by one game between the Seoul Dynasty and the Chengdu Hunters, a fan favorite team based in China that has excelled this season with their unconventional playstyle. The match was close, with each team trading maps and ending up with an even score all the way until the very last round on Nepal. The Dynasty fell to the Hunters, who would go on to make a competitive run in the tournament. It’s been a good two weeks for the team’s mascot, the giant panda, both being taken off of the endangered species list and celebrating as Chengdu took second place in the Summer Showdown.
Despite the score line, the game against the Hunters was a close one.
Despite the score line, the game against the Hunters was a close one.
Key Takeaways
Despite the Dynasty’s loss, there were many moments of outstanding play from their roster that can fuel them into the last push for playoffs before the end of the season.
Seoul notably did not field their team captain, JaeHui “Gesture” Hong, in the main tank position for this weekend’s match, instead putting MinSeo “Marve1” Hwang into that role. Marve1 has been looking solid on main tank despite being known for his expertise on Sigma. It was nice to see Seoul committed to putting Marve1 on main tank after being shuffled between positions last season.
Another takeaway from this matchup was how well both DPS players performed, with star JunYoung “Profit” Park again showcasing his ability on a variety of heroes and DongEon “Fits” Kim putting up outstanding stats throughout the match. Both Profit and Fits made strategic hero choices that countered Chengdu’s unorthodox compositions and kept them head-to-head with the Hunters until the very last moment.
Seoul now stands at #3 in the East division and still has a good chance of finishing the season strong and making it into the playoffs. After the league returns following the Summer Showdown tournament, the Dynasty will make their final push to the end of the season.
Build Your Life in Color
A vibrant Minecraft collaboration between Gen.G and Crocs
Talk about filling some big shoes – Crocs, the foam-clog footwear brand, partnered with Gen.G early this month to host a public Minecraft build competition. The July 6-19 “Build Your Life in Color’‘ encouraged creatives and builder enthusiasts to fully use the color spectrum in the online server play.crocsworld.gg.
North America, Europe, China, Korea, and Japan comprise the participating regions, who each oversee their own contests. Crocs had been gaining traction within Esports, and is offering the new “All Family Tie-Dye” collection in the reward pool for winners in the top two through six. First-place winners will additionally receive an Xbox Series X, PS5, or LG laptop depending on their native region. Select Minecraft influencers and Gen.G staff will oversee the end judging process based on merits of quality, creativity, and color usage.
With no creative limit beyond an assigned plot of land, the players so far have certainly delivered. Upon entry to the server, the user will find a vivid flurry of 3-D block art, ranging from beautiful koi fish somersaulting out of water, vast underground chasms dotted with gems, and grand towers cornered with prismatic light. Each square grid yields more enticing eye candy compared to the last, and judges will undoubtedly have their work cut out by the end of this building period.
Colored glass is a butterfly's best friend, according to creator Max15032001's forest wildlife
Colored glass is a butterfly's best friend, according to creator Max15032001's forest wildlife
Content Creator Update
Ploo celebrates hitting Twitter milestone of 100k
Ploo, Youtube star and Valorant streamer for Gen.G, hit six-digits on Twitter Wednesday of last week. She joined #TigerNation’s content-creating family early this February, but Ploo’s rise to the forefront of casual Valorant videos came quickly after the game’s initial release.
Her fluid spray transfers in high Immortal rank sprinkled with charming downtime conversations with friends picked up steam on Youtube, where she has amassed nearly 250k subscribers. Notable ranked highlights include big names like TSM and 100 Thieves professional players Subroza and Hiko, respectively. Ploo shares her milestone alongside fellow Gen.G creators jessi and Sean Gares– a huge round of applause to the media star and her continued success!
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