Monthly Newsletter of Gene Watson - Issue #7 March 2022





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Monthly Newsletter of Gene Watson
Monthly Newsletter of Gene Watson
Hi Friends-
      I can’t believe we’re heading into the month of March already. I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see the winter months behind us. As much as we travel, we’re not too fond of snow and ice-covered roads. But with March, we’ll be headed up to Nashville to tape a NEW Larry’s Country Diner show that will air on RFD-TV. For those of you that get that program, I know you love it as much as we do. On my last one that we taped in August, they surprised me with a visit from my old friend, Moe Bandy. If you didn’t see that show, let me just tell you, being surprised by Moe made for some fun times on the set. Taping any show with Larry Black and his family is about as close to taping the old Hee Haw shows as anything we have now. Everyone on the set is like family from the on-air cast, the director, and the camera crew. They just make it easy and enjoyable. On this one coming up, I’ll have my guitar player, Chad Phillips, and my piano man, Glen Rodgers so that will make it even more special.  I’ll let you know when I find out when this will air.
   From the Diner taping, we’ll head to Rocky Mount, VA to the Harvester Performance Center to a show on March 4th, and then back to Nashville for the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, March 5th.  You can watch the Opry LIVE on Circle TV and they also show it on YouTube and Facebook but check it here for more information.
         We have a busy month coming up so I hope you can catch us at a show near you. Just look at the tour schedule on my website for more information.    
Take care,

Gene In the Studio in February for upcoming album
Gene In the Studio in February for upcoming album
In The Studio
Texas State of Mind
Musical Hero – George Jones
Grand Ole Opry Anniversary
Live Shows
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Monthly Newsletter of Gene Watson
Monthly Newsletter of Gene Watson @genewatsonmusic

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