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Jealousy List

Colin Wright
Colin Wright
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Jealousy List
Every year since 2015, Bloomberg Businessweek has produced a “Jealousy List” of articles and works from other mediums (video and audio) they wish they had published.
II love this concept and I think it’s an amazing way to deal with the hint of remorse we might feel when we encounter something we wish we’d done, but which we also think is magnificent and worth sharing. Becoming full-throated supporters of such pieces helps spread them further and aligns us with the future creation of such work—by us and by others.
It’s interesting to consider how we do the same as individual makers-of-things, beyond our usual curatorial habits. The thoughtful spinning of jealousy into enthusiasm and encouragement is a positive use of one’s time, I think.
Also, these lists overflow with pure gold in terms of the quality and the importance of their content.
This year’s list is no different: it’s worth checking out and you’ll almost certainly want to set aside a fair bit of time to read the works that catch your attention.
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Colin Wright
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