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By Matt Navarra

The World's Most-Useful Newsletter For Social Media Managers (16,000+ Subscribers / FREE)

The World's Most-Useful Newsletter For Social Media Managers (16,000+ Subscribers / FREE)

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the new GIF rule

It’s bullsh…


the internet’s most important questions

…but what are the answers?


the social media manager 2022 debrief

…everything you missed during the holidays (and more!)


the soundtrack to your work nightmares

…Merry Christmas!


the nightmare before christmas

[tiktok edition]


why the metaverse is going to be weird

...REALLY weird.


Re: Secret santa gift idea for the social media manager

No, it’s not more alcohol.


a real-life social media horror story

Pray this never happens to you...


Warning: This email contains ‘throbbing nonsense’

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instagram wants to give you $8,500... with a catch

A BIG catch…


149 useful links for social media managers

You ‘Meta’ believe it (sorry)


the internet picked a new name for Facebook

But the logo is going to be tricky...


meet the world’s laziest instagram scammer

First off this week... Meet the laziest Instagram scammer in world 🙄


Facebook support hell in one image

First up this week… ‘David’ regrets contacting Facebook support in under 30 seconds.


the most cringe 81 seconds of video

First off... This will be the most awkward 81 seconds of video you’ll watch this year.


the worst job in social media

First off this week… The worst job in social media I would NEVER volunteer to do.


the best new Facebook feature ever for SMMs?

To kick things off this week, I have some great news! Facebook has given social media managers an early Christmas present…


why you shouldn’t buy Facebook’s 🕶

Before we dive into all that’s shiny and new in the world of social… How TF did I not know you can do this on Twitter?


the one with all the twitter updates

It’s been another busy week in social media land, especially for Twitter, which pumped out a ton of new stuff... ...However, some Twitter users have strong feelings about this one new feature 😆


the truth about my career in social media

Welcome back to Geekout… It’s been another busy week of platform updates, new features, and policy changes in the world of social.